University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food.


To me the worst thing here is if you dont get involved in the beginning of the year you pretty much are out of luck. I am a shy person so I didnt really get involved with anybody and now that its the second semester I find myself sitting in my room alone all the time while around me others are hanging out with friends of going to games. And where I live we have a lounge and im a freshman but I chose to live in the suites and older people live here know eachother thy dont know me.


I'm attending online, so I have no response for this question.


The worst park about Parkside is the parking situation. Our school has a great deal of commuters and the parking becomes limited.


As a mostly commuter college you need to put more effort into getting study groups formed and getting involved in school activities. This is not as much of a problem for student that live on campus.


I think the worst thing about this is school is the lack of school spirit. You walk down the halls and you see students wearing other schools sweat-shirts. This past year Parkside has been better about getting students to wear and support Parkside appearl, but I think not having a football team plays a huge role in this. Many students also see Parkside as a stepping stone by starting at Parkside only to transfer at the end of the year. I would like to see this image change.


UW-Parkside is very focused on racial diversity -- so much so that they ignore their caucasion students in favor of organizations and events for their minority populations. Even at freshman orientation, for which I was a group leader this year, the new students were already feeling alienated because we read a book about African-Americans, discussed it, and watched an African-American speaker who outright told the audience "I'm not here to talk to the students who didn't grow up like me" in a poor, violent, predominantly African-American community. This is typical of Parkside.


I consider the worst thing about UW-Parkside also part of the best thing; and that is the number of students in the classroom. I wish that there were more students attending UW-Parkside.


The worst thing about UW-Parkside is that on weekends almost everyone goes home. If you are from far away you must be super involved so that you have things to do on the weekends while others are back home visiting. Last year i stayed at school almost every weekend and this year i go home every other weekend just because i get really bored staying on campus too much. I would have to say thats the worst thing about living at UW-Parkside


The worst thing about the school is the lack of parking spots. It is crazy trying to find a parking spot at any given time of day. Plus most people do not yeild when they are suppose to yeild in the parking lot. It is like a battle to get a parking spot. People practically stalk others walking to their car to take so that they can can first dibs on that persons spot.


Having the most diverse population of students in the UW system doesn't equal a complete diversity among them. It is sad to say that students with different racial ethnicities tend to hangout only with their own race. There are a lot of students here that don't want to socialize with other people who don't have the same race as them. They tend to be in their own racial clicks and refuse to expand culturally.


Everyone goes home on the weekends so there is not very much to do usually.


The costs of learning.


The ethnically biased student almost promotes segregation while at the same time they are trying to promote diversity.


I would consider the worst thing about my college is that there is nothing with in walking distances. Other campuses that I have visited have had plenty of resturants and off campus apartments with in a few blocks.


It's location. The reason being, the school does not have any restaurants or coffee houses that is within walking distance. If you want to get something to eat or drink you only have the school food and drinks to choose from. As this is the worst thing I can think of about my school, that should tell you there is not much that is bad about the school.


Since , I don't eat meet, there is not much meal available with vegetables.


There system scale for students who are academic probation.