University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is serious about pursuing a degree.


The kind of person that should attend Parkside should be someone that is intested in the Visual Arts, Biology, or diverse programs offered here at Parkside. In my opinion these are the most succesful programs. In addition someone that is open to diversity will feel very welcome here. Finally someone that loves to see the change in season before their eyes. Parkside is in the middle of a forest-like area that allows one to enjoy the leaves as they fall from the trees, the snow fall, the flowers blooming in the spring. The campus is just very relaxing.


A person who is interested in the theater arts as well as being involved would love this school. It is a very multicultural and diverse school that make everyone feel welcome. From the LGBT community, athlete or minority everyone has a place in this small close knit school.


Anyone who wants to succeed in the real world, and has the desire to feel wanted and appreciated should attend the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


A person with drive and determination should attend UW-Parkside. Despite the small campus, the professors take the education very seriously. They do not tolerate slackers. A person who grately values education and getting something out of their learning experience should attend the school. I would also recommend UW-Parkside to a student who really wants to focus hard on their major. Because Parkside offers "concentrations", students are able to become more specialized in their future career.


The people that should attend UW-Parkside would be people who like quiet enviornments, like their main focus to be their academics, but still have fun with friends. They should want to be themselves and make new friends, and they should be someone who likes doing extracurricular activities, because Parkside has an activity for just about any kind of person.




Anyone looking to be themselves.


Someone who works at the same time as school or who doesn't like a lot of competition. Not someone who likes a big school or wants to be super invovled.


I feel that a person who wants quality teachers who provide valuable feedback should attend UW Parkside. It is a perfect school for a student who does not like the idea of oversized classes and who prefers the attention and interesting discussion of a smaller class size. From what I've seen, UW Parkside is very open and accepting toward all types of people. The art community is fantastic, and I have plenty of friends who live on campus and completely love the community and events of on-campus living. If a student wants those things, Parkside is perfect.


Anybody interested in furthering their education!


Students that should attend this school are those that like to be close to home and are slightly unsure of what they want to do. Parkside offers a lot of very different classes to find what you are interested in.


I think that a person that is looking for a college campus that not to big would fit right in at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. Also if you enjoy small classes Parkside would be a perfect fit. If you are looking to go away to school, but dont want to go too far away from home, Parkside would be perfect.


A person who loves to learn, and is interested in biology, business, or the social sciences; as they are the three best programs on our campus to my knowledge. We are not a huge party school and prospective students should be serious about their futures'. Students of every background will be perfectly at home at UW-P and find friends easily.