University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


That the school happens to be in the more country side of Wisconsin than other University of Wisconsin Universities.


Not enough financial aid is given out for winter and summer classes. Yet, some people will get a thousand dollars added to thier account for no reason.


Most of the professors need serious evaulating, they seem not to card about the students at all.


Work, school and lifestyle balance were most frustrating for me.


Finding a parking spot somtimes is the most frustrating thing.


One of the frustrating things about my school was the lack of companies coming to the school to recruit.


The cost of anything bought at school, like food, books, supplies and housing. Anything you can buy on campus is less expensive anywhere else.


The most frustrating thing about my school and being a music major is the lack of support to be creative. Why does everything have to be spelled out?


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the not even related to the education in general. The fact that Parkside is located in cold Wisconsin makes it a bit frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about UW-Parkside comes simply from the fact that so many individuals want to be involved here; parking and classroom availability have been on the decline because this school offers a quality education at an affordable price.


Right now, University of Wisconsin Parkside is under construction. It is frustrating to get awaken up by the loud construction noises every morning. Also during the day, whenever I study, I can hear the loud noises from outside. There are a lot of construction works that are being done right now.


finding a parking spot


Parking area get full if you reach 5 minute before the class, so always reach college like 20 -30 minutes before your class.


No school spirit. I realize the irony that I have to encourage others, but really, what's there to be excited about? It's a dumpy school and has NO campus life. Where are the clubs, the dorms, the frats? The parking lot is bigger than the dormatories. I honestly believe a stronger presence of resident students would encourage Parkside pride.