University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the diversity. I have the opportunity to meet people from many religions, ethnical backgrounds, and different ideologies. The best part is that the school promotes activities in ways to get involved and get to know other people's cultures. Consequently, I was able to meet knew people that I can now call friends and know that our friendship wil continue after college. Most of these friends are open to new ideas and to sharing their perspective in life based on their background. I can honestly say that I love that about Parkside.


It is small so all of you teachers know who you are and it is is a really good school for general education courses


The best thing about UWP is the location and the tuition; its located between two cities in a beautiful park and the tuition is pretty low even if the administration does try to find ways to get more money out of students.


The students at this school are very welcoming and open toward new people.


I love how UW-Parkside is know to be one of the most diversed schools in Wisconsin. it shows the open mindness of our campus. to show that we are such a diverse campus they always have oppurtunites to participate in the diveristy on campus. I have learned so much about different cultures, different sexualities, and different disabilties. All of diversity has opened my mind to all the different people at Parkside. There are organizations for all of these groups of people and they are always willing to let people join their organization.


What I consider the best thing about my school is, that I am able to request for help and they respond to me quiet fast. I also like that it is a smaller school. It is easier for me to walk around and attend my classes on time.


UW-Parkside had a nice campus, caring professors, and a variety of extra-curricular activities to engage students.


The best thing about UW-Parkside is that it is a friendly learning environment with smaller classroom sizes compared to larger universities, which allows students to participate more actively when setting out to accomplish their goals of graduating.


It had the program that I wanted to major in, but wasn't the most expensive school I could have picked.


The people, my friends, make the whole thing worth while.


The proffecers are always willing to help students and explain with patience.


I think the overall ability of the professors to push the students towards high hopes and great aspirations in their studies and career plans without acting as "high academics" with condescending skepticism is the greatest asset UW Parkside lays claim to.


We pride ourselves on our diversity with both students and faculty. Everyone is very easy to get along with and the diversity makes it an equal place for everyone to learn.