University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

Describe the students at University of Wisconsin-Platteville.


For the most part all of the students are very friendly and welcoming, and nice people to be around.


Most of my classmates are listening to the professor engaged in the lecture.


There is such a large variety of people to hang out with and they are all so welcoming. I have friends from all walks of life and they have opened my eyes to all the possiblities of my future. I have always been more of an introvert; however, even my family says that college has helped me crack out of my shell and I am more open about my feelings. I have had an amazing college family of blood relatives, friends that love to have fun, friends that make me want to do my best, and some of the most compassionate people that I have ever known.


My classmates at the univeristy are mostly students who come from small towns in the country.


My classmates generally tend to be male gender due to the engineering department, but all of my classmates in the business department are open, social, quick to make friends, and we all tend to learn from each other while staying up to date on campus events.


My classmates are wonderful; including the ones I have recently met at Platteville. Two of my best friends from highschool are attending UWP along with me, which helped me feel more comforatable and less alone the first few weeks. After living in the dorms my first semester I met many people not only in my hall, but that I shared classes with. These people made it more comforatable in the new classroom settings. It has made my college experience much better by meeting new people.


I attend through the extended degree program, so I do not get to enjoy having classmates.


My classmates came from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and those who put the most into the classes got the most out of them.


My classmates in college were so much different than ones I had in high school. My high school classmates did not care about school much at all, most were just ready to get school over with and just make it by with as little as work as they could do. But in college, everyone cares about their studies and was very attentive in class because everyone their wants to learn. I also noticed the level of maturity was much different. My college classmates were all quiet, attentive, and very willing to learn, and just cared about what they were learning.


Friendly and very driven to succeed.