University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My favorite campus tradition is at the beginning of the year when they drop thousands of glowing bouncy balls out of a fire truck.


This school is known best for its engineering majors and minors. In this field, there are eight courses such as electrical engineering , computer engineering, industrial engineering and many more. Also for many other majors as well such as Criminal Justice, Art, and Biology but Engineering is big here. In my opinion, this school is also best known for its small number of college students and its small school. It's easy to get around.


My school is best known for their Engineering program and Criminal Justice program. We are one of the best schools in the Midwest for both of these fields. The instructors are very helpful and administration is easy to get in contact with. We are known for our great spirits and friendliness!


I think our school is best known for the worlds largest "M" on large mound a few miles outside the city. Originally UW-Platteville was a mining school, hense the large "M." We also used to be fairly well known for our basketball team in the 90's. Bo Ryan, currently the UW-Madison Badgers coach, used to coach here and we won a few national championships. Our engineering program is exceptional as well, and it draws in the majority of the students for our campus. Many companies look to Platteville to hire new engineering students.


Platteville is best known for its big ?M? and its history. It is also known for being an Engineering school.


My scool is best know foe it's online programs in Crminal Justice and Buisness.


It is a big engineering school.


Engineering. It is a very big engineering school.


Engineering and Teaching. The buisness and Criminal Justice classes are very well known also!


My school is best known for it's Engineering program. Our Engineering program is one of the top programs in the US and we have professors from all over the world that come here to teach.


Engineering and Criminal Justice


Engineering Majors and drinking.


The track and cross country teams are good, along with the small-town atmosphere and small class sizes.


Platteville is best known for it's in-depth engineering program.


The biggest M.