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In my experience, UW- Platteville is much more honest than other universities. The professors evaluate you honestly and make it difficult for you in the best way possible. They are also all very willing to help you with anything that you have questions on and would like to develop. It is small, yet large enough to give you research and development opportunities that many students do not possess in their first year of college. As a freshmanm I was already participating in undergraduate research, and that was an incredible experience I feel my college has given me.


U.W. Platteville is the most affordable and fastest growing School in the Wisconsin and still manages to have a respictable engineering program.


The amount of time that the people at UW Platteville give to make sure that students are happy and successful is beyond any of the other colleges or universities that I looked at. They care about each and every student.


its pretty much in the middle of know where in a very small town of 10,000 people. Unlike most colleges, Platteville is dead on the weekends, most people go home.


One thing that I feel is unique about my school is the teacher student ratio. Our classes usually consist of 20 to 30 students which is super nice. Our teachers get to know us by name and remember us throughout our education. They are always willing to help out when we need them.


This school 's atmosphere is very laid back. You can feel comfortable here with all the faculty and students because everyone is so friendly. Drama and the necessity to drink and party all the time is not the main focus at this university. If you wanted to, you could but there is more things to do on weekends than party here compaired to other Wisconsin schools.


We are small, but fun. We also have the biggest M in the world!


offers an ag program and is the perfect size, good student teacher ratio and technology for the size of the school


This is a small school that cares about all of the students.


This school is unique because both sports and acedemics are taken very seriously here. The athletic teams are generaly are very good for this size school seem to always have good coaches to back them up. It is surprizingly easy to make it on the most athletic teams too. There are more than enough study groups and tutors to help you acedemicly to help you succeed.