University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I do not consider there to anything that makes me want to leave. Everything that is awful is on my end of the spectrum. The school does there best when it comes to students needs.


The worst thins about the school is that it can be boring when you don't have class or work, although you may be able to find things to do the closest big town is about 20 minutes away.


I wish someone would have told me how many different people you would meet, along with how to handle some of the types of people you would meet that you may not know hoe to handle well.


One thing that is somewhat unappealing about UWP is that it's located in a small town. With small towns come people who live in the country and hunt, etc. Most of these people are nice and don't get caught up in other people's business. But there are a few that like to start problems simply because their opinions don't match others.' It can be a little hurtful sometimes, especially the way they go about it. They make you feel like you're wtong because you don't agree with them.


I would have to say the about of "farm" people who are very republican and not open to other people's opinions.


If I had to pick the worst thing about my school would be that it's in a small town, not really like other larger universities. Other than that, I can't say anything bad about UW-Platteville!


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. It is a spirited school but I came from a high school that had tons of spirit so it was kind of a shock to me when this school did not have the same level of spirit.


The worst thing about the University of Wisconsin Platteville is the lack of students in the town on the weekends. Once Thursday or Friday comes the campus is completely dead. It sometimes does not feel like a four year university because of this. If there was one thing I could change about the university it would be making an effort to get students to stay for the weekends.


There is some racial problems going on around campus and sexism.


Some students are close minded and makes it hard for some students to feel accepted.


The worst thing about UW Platteville is the amount of parking for on campus students and off campus students. There are alot of students that attend the Universtiy of Wisconsin Platteville who bring cars to campus or need to commute to campus. During the day around campus, I would say is the hardest time to find close parking on campus. In addition, at night can be a hard time to; most students with parking passes end up parking on the street on the other end of campus becasue there is not enough parking.


The worst thing about my school is how far away it is from my home. I live two and a half hours away and I am involved in basketball and UWP. It is hard to go home and itsn't very close.


I do not have anything bad to say, except it is so far away. I wish it was closer so I could visit the campus.


The worst thing about my school is that I am having a hard time meeting people. Having transfered here after two years of college it seems that people have their own little niches that they are in and I am having a hard time finding my own.


The administration is god awful. Not sure who gets scholarships, I didn't recieve any money in scholarship yet was a 4.0 student in high school, president of National Honor Society, worked 20+ hours a week while competing in varsity athletics at a very high level. Do not plan on ever giving money back Platteville for many reasons.


The weather. If you don't like cold, you won't like it here. I love the snow, in the beginning of the second semester, the cold gets a little overkill


It's very windy and small so we mostly walk to class.


The avalibility of things to do off campus. I am pretty active in many orgainizations and have a big influence in the school of ag so if there is something we don't like we usually know how to talk to the right people.


There lots of people go home for the weekend for whatever reason here.