University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of University of Wisconsin-Platteville?

Is University of Wisconsin-Platteville a good school?

What is University of Wisconsin-Platteville known for?


I absolutely love going to Platteville. I love being able to make a one on one connection with all the staff, and i love being able to enjoy a peaceful night, in a small town.


Being at UW Platteville for only three months it has been great. The teachers are nice and the students are great. It is a bigger campus then what I am used to but I do have to say it is a more active campus and many things to do. So far I am having a great time at UW Platteville and look forward to continuing throughout the years.


I was a little disappointed when I started at UW-Platteville because I originally wanted to go to a out-of-state school. My dad went to UW-Platteville and he told me that even though it is four hours from home, that it would become like another home to me. He was obviously right because now I refer to my room as home and I even miss my dorm bed when I go home.