University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Wisconsin-Platteville?


The type of person who should not attend this school, is a person who wants to be unrecognized, along with a person who wants to be in a city. People will notice you on this campus because it is so small, and we are nothing close to a big city.


You shouldn't attend UWP if you don't like camoflague and trucks. I mentioned how the school is in a small city, and it is flourishing with country people. Sometimes I wish I would've gone to a school in a bigger city. UWP is also known for its engineering program, so the male:female ratio is 3:1 and sometimes that's overwhelming.


People who are not serious about an education or who want a big city experience should not go to school at UW-Platteville.


I would say that every group of people is pretty well represented at this school. I feel that it is a generally accepting school. If I had to pick one group, it would be those that are looking for city life. This is a small town with a small town atmosphere and if you do not want that then I would suggest you do not come to Platteville.


I think the University of Wisconsin-Platteville would be a great match for any student who wanted to further their education. The university offers a variety of majors and the campus is a multicultural environment with both professor and students coming from a variety of background, races and cultures. Acadenic advisors are easily accessible and willing to help both on an acedamic as well as a personal level.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking for a big school or a big town. UWP is located in rural Wisconsin, in a small town. the school size is relativily small. If someone was looking for a big school they shouldn't attend University of Wisconsin Platteville.


Someone who likes the big city enviornment because Platteville is a very rural community. Also a student who wants to work more with research, UW-Platteville doesn't get into research all the much. The main research is in agriculture at the college farm.


Someone who expects a lot to be going on shouldn't attend this school. It's also not a good idea to come here if you live far away, because a lot of people go home on weekends. On weekends, the only way you know about something going on is if you are in a sport and know older players, if you plan on joining a fraternity and have pledged, or if you're a female, because there's not many here, so people always invite them.


people who want academic challenges, people who like large cities


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone from a large city such as Chicago. They wouldnt like the fact that theres not a whole lot to do besides drinking and playing video games with ur friends.