University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin Platteville is the small class size. Professors are able to give the students more attention and are able to know every student in that particular class. It is also easier for freshman to adjust to the college lifestyle more because the class sizes are more like a high school class size.


The best thing about my school is that there are different opportunities available that one can't find elsewhere and the fact that there are many different clubs available. These two factors allow anyone that comes to campus to find a place where they feel they fit in.


I love that the classes are small enough that you have many opportunities to get any one-on-one help you need because that can really improve your performance in classes.


I like that it's smaller. There are about 7000 students there, so the classes are small, like high school classes. To me, this is the best way to learn and excel at school.


It required freshman and sophmore to live on campus. Campus living meant there was no excuse for missing classes or other activities you were involved in. It also promoted socialization, peer acceptance and compromise. Inderage drinking and cohabitation was prohibited so peer pressure to drink or have the opposite sex stay in your room was minimized.


UW-Platteville is a small campus and a small town. I think this is best because it doesn?t take long for anyone to walk from their dorms to class. The campus is small so the class sizes are small in respects to campus population. Because this campus is small I think the students have a great chance to talk with their professors.


There are many great things about the University of Wisconsin Platteville. If I had to choose one of their great things it would have to be how close everything is on campus. On the UW Platteville campus it takes less then five minutes to walk across campus. Everthing is near by and close, one of the campuses food courts is located right in the middle of campus. In addition the gym is located in a neutral spot for those students who live on and off campus.


I think the best thing about UW-Platteville is the small class sizes. It's easy to learn when you can simply raise your hand and ask the professor a question during a lecture. Also, professors teach the lectures, and there really aren't any teaching assistants. I've talked to students at Madison who hate that they have hundreds of people in their classes because they just feel like a number. It's better to be able to interact with your professor, and it's nice that they actually know your name.


its a nice small, close knit community that surrounds campus. there is no "bad" part of town. the people that i go to school with are all just like me. All off campus housing is very close to campus and it has my exact major and is well known for it. (Civil Engineering)


I love the size of the school!! Everyone seems to get along with everyone else! I like it here it is such a positive school!


The amount of activities and organizations to join. There isn't much in Platteville so the extra-curricular activities really helps liven up those boring days. There's something for everyone, and if there isn't, it's really easy to start up an organization!


The best thing about our school is the small class sizes and the small town atmosphere. It's easier to trust people in this town and people tend who go to this school usually have also grown up in a small town or in the country.


The size. It allows for a lot of personal attention from professors.


I think that the overall balance at Platteville is the best thing about it. The acedemics are well organized with many study groups organized for each major. The athletic programs are easy to get into, but are also very talented at creating champions. The housing rooms on campus is more than satasfactory. The atmophere is so friendly and calm, unless you happen to be on second street on a Friday night. It is a safe place to live for both students and famlies.