University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is a place to feel like you belong.


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is a friendly, family, environment with excellent professors.




River Fall is a physically plain campus, as none of the architecture is very eye catching and little more than lawn is scattered between to fill the gaps, but the people are anything but; the professors are colorful, vibrant, excited about their careers and do all they can to help their students, the pupils' backgrounds range from farm kid to band geek, and the range of classes available make it possible for anyone to make River Falls their home.


The school is a close community that lets you get to know many students around you long with the teachers, to feel close and at home.


University of Wisconsin River Falls is a smaller campus that is student focused with small classes; it has great courses if students are planning on a career in education, art, or agriculture fields.


UWRF is the school to choose if you want to learn a lot in a friendly, inviting atmosphere from professors who understand where you are coming from , call you by name, and stop to chat with you if you run into outside of the classroom.


Academic freedom.


An ag based school with dabblings of other areas mixed in for the purpose of attaining a state-school status.


The school fits the students who stay.


UW-RF has fairly good diversity when it comes to programs offered, and is an overall friendly and nice place to attend college.


UWRF is an extremely friendly campus, it is very easy to make friends here, and the class sizes are small enough so your professors get to know each student on a one to one basis.


It is the best place that I could have gone, I love it dearly and would encourage others to attend.


Generally pretty close, exurban community with a lot to offer for a smaller, cheaper 4-year college.


An inexpensive, agricultural-based party school with an environmentally friendly and expensive university center.