University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


People believe that it is an agriculture school only. That is far from the truth. UWRF has an acreditation for it's business school that only a small handful in the world have. The psychology program is the second most popular major. Not to mention the elementry education program is one of the top ones in the state.


Moo U


UW-RF is commonly known as an agriculture school, but it also has very strong education and business programs.


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is a wonderful school. It is most commonly known for its Education and Agriculture Programs. River Falls is top ten in the nation for its Education program. Going into Education personally, I have seen the strength of this program and I feel blessed to be attending such an accredited school. Although they specialize in those two programs, River Falls offers a wide variety of majors. Academic advisors are extremely helpful in assisting students find the major that is most suited for their personality.


Agriculture majors inlcuding a great dairy science program and pre-vet program. In Wisconsin, UW-River Falls has the most success with students being accepted into vet schools with only 3 years of undergraduate studies.


Agriculture has always been River Falls' forte, as it was originally built to meet the educational needs of farmers in the surrounding area.


My school is best known for its elementary education major. It is number one in the top five majors at my school.


I think that UWRF is best known for its education program. The professors that teach the education classes are knowledgable, experienced, and really desire to share their knowledge with their students. The education majors also have wonderful learning experiences in the student teaching requirements that they fulfill during their college careers as well. The students that graduate from UWRF with an education major go on to become very successful teachers. I think that this is so important beacuse educating future generations is one of the most important responsibilities that we have.


My school is best known for its football team.


Education certifications and agricultural fields.


This school is known for its music program, its hockey team, and its intent to be environmentally friendly.


Go to class, do your homework and reading, study. Don't drink, don't take drugs. Seek out help if you're feeling depressed. Talk to your professor right away if you start having problems. Try not to get involved in social drama.


Small campus near the big city. Easy to go home on the weekends.


Best known for its Agriculture programs


Our wonderful elementary education background still plays a major roll in UW-River falls. Equally important is the quality and selection of Fine Arts courses and the Emphasis in our Argicultural teachings.