University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The fact that it's a small enough school for me to feel like I, as an individual, matter. I went to a much bigger university as a freshman, and I felt unimportant, which I feel hurt me acidemically. I like being able to have personalized conversations with my professors and have them remember things about me and know who I am.


When I talk to my friends about the University Of Wisonsin River Falls, I talk about how the tuition is an awesome price because compared to all the other universities, we all recieve most of the resources that we need as a university to become a success. We do not have to pay for our books for every semester because it is counted as our tuition already. However, the people I meet at my school are very nice and out going. They are my inspiration because they all are striving for a better future and to become successful in life.


The campus is basically all in one area instead of being spread out all over a big city.


the cafeteria food and not enough of study rooms. also the cafeteria need to be upgraded.


I grew up in Hudson, which is fifteen minutes away from campus. Because of the closeness, often times UWRF is overlooked. Despite this, I strongly feel that River Falls is a wonderful school that should not be overlooked. I believe that River Falls has much to offer. This includes small class sizes and a beautiful campus. I believe that the class size has a major impact on a student’s ability to learn. River Falls is a beautiful small town that has activities for every season and UWRF has worked to maintain a beautiful, rich campus.


It's small and very personal.


What seperates UW-River Falls from other public universities is it's close knit community. As I walk around campus, I often catch myself thinking I am at a small private college. Coming from a smaller high school, the size of the university allowed for an easier transition. I am very greatful for the small class sizes as well. The professors clearly care about their students and desire for them to succeed. I never have to go through a Teachers Aid; rather, I can directly ask a professor any question I might have.


I brag most about the 20 boneless wings at the restaurant right next to campus. The cheap off campus food that is available at the restraunt is really cool.


The campus is absolutely beautiful and we have so much green grass to appreciate. Our teachers know our names and class sizes are small. The campus is inclusive, so there is never a long ways to walk, anywhere.


I love the location, and how everyone there is willing to help you out. This campus has everyting you can ask for in a small town setting not to far from home. We have a great Agricultural and animal science program with livestock to work, and a rodeo team that works together to travel the circut.


The pricetag the fact that I got out with under 20,000 in debt and I just rented my textbooks as opposed to buying.


How close knit my department was. I loved that I could sit in the lounge and study with my classmates before a big test or spend an evening debating politics between practice sessions. I really loved how close knit my music theory class became. Spending every morning together for 2 years really helped us learn a lot about each other, and look out for each other. I meet some of my best friends there!


It is a very well diversed and friendly school. It has a great small campus, which I like because I get lost easily in new places.


I love the fact that it is a small town school and that it is a very friendly campus.


The campus is very beautiful and most of the people are nice.


Its quiet, peacful and friendly


It's a small town, but it's so close the Twin Cities area. That you're a quick drive anything. It's a small campus and you get to know a lot people fast. it is also known for a lot if programs such as teacher eduation and business.