University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


J-term (no classes for about a month after christmas) and being sort of forced to stay out of the dorms during these breaks. Basically having to move out or else pay an extra fee to stay during these breaks.


My overall school experience was good. Worst thing about this school was that commuters had to park so far away, but its good excersize.


The worst thing about UWRF is the advisors. They are helpful when they want to be but for the most part, if something doesn't benefit them, they don't help.


the food in the cafeteria need to upgrade.


There is not really one bad thing about the school but if I had to choose one I would say it is out in the middle of nowhere, not by a large city.


The cold winters and that the food can sometimes be disappointing.


The worst thing about UWRF is that because classes are so small, usually 30 people or less, It's sometimes hard to get into the classes you want to. Registering for classes is based on senoirity and whether or not the class will count toward your degree. It's hard to develop a diverse skill set when classes are so small. People that desperatly need the class will most likely always get first pick.


The thing i disliked about high school was the fact that there was only one advanced placement history class. I feel that social sciences are the most important part of school and we just didn't have engouh compared to the large number of shop and gym classes. Although I took as many history classes as they offered i felt that they were just not that in depth.


Since my college is located in a small town, many students assume there is nothing to do on campus for fun besides drinking. Although, I have chosen to not take part in drinking or partying, it is still remains a part of the college atmosphere. While I have found plently of extra-curricular activities that do not involve drinking, it bothers me that my school has the reputation of being a "party school."


The worst thing about my campus is the athletic facilities. The football stadium is old and not worthy of a college football team. We also dont have much for a soccer field. It is much more like a patch of grass behind the football stadium than a place to play soccer. I think that after new athletic facilities are built a wider variety of students will be drawn to this school. In the end, this will benefit everyone involved with UW-River Falls.


The worst thing about the school is that it gets really cold in the winter when walking to class.


The school focuses greatly on only a few majors which makes the students and entire campus have a low diversity.


What I would consider the worst thing about my school is probably the size of the university and the surrounding town of River Falls. When I first toured perspective universities I was drawn towards universities with a smaller population size of undergraduate students. This is what attracted me to River Falls which had the small town and campus atmosphere. After completing my first semester I have realized that I am missing out on the true college experince that comes with the bigger universites.


The worst thing about this school would have to be how available the advisors are. My advisor takes a long time to respond to my e-mails or help me with a situation and it can get rather frustraitng. But other then that it has turned out to be a good place of broadening your horizons, in a learning sense.


I consider the housing to be the worst thing about my school.


There is nothing that really comes out as being bad. Everything is just fine.


I think the worst part is that fact it is a party school


I honestly cant think of anything thats bad about this school.


I think the worst thing about the school is that many people go home to work on the weekends! There are plenty of available jobs in the area, and many exciting things to do on campus. I think it's because many of the students here are very close to their families, and take the time on the weekend to visit home.


That most students live in surrounding areas so they usually go home on the weekends, leaving the campus dead.


I would have to say it is the fact that some professors discriminate against agricultural majors which doesn't make sense because it is an agricultural based school.


Lack of diversity: for the most part every one is white middle class. I would love the opportuntiy to be in a class where more than 3 people are not white.




The availibility of parking on campus- many people feel that it is insufficient, especially for commuter students, as many people struggle to find parking near campus.


i dont really think anything bad about my schoool, i love it!


The new student center becuase they tried to make it more efficient but in my opinion it was just anther building that wasn't needed.