University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusterating aspect of UW-River is working with the financial aid department, registrar and offices like that. They are not friendly or willing to help. They talk down to students. They make students feel like their questions and concerns are a major inconvenience.


It's a "suitcase" school, which means it's virtually dead on weekends. However, it's beneficial to academic achievement because you are 100% able to focus on homework and studying.


I think that the most frustrating thing at my school is the workload that I have in my classes. I'm a Communicative Disorders major, and therefore, I have to balance class work, clinical observations, as well as participating in COMDIS related organizations. The class work alone is a challenge because the amount of material that we are expected to learn is huge! I'm glad that many of the topics are interesting to me, however, it is very stressful trying to absorb all of the material that we are being taught.


The most frustrating thing at my school is that some teachers think that they are so much better than their students. This can cause teachers to be mean about answering your questions, and also it causes unfriendly friendships. It makes learning in the classroom less fun and enjoyable whn you have a teacher correcting you or telling you are wrong all the time. That is why we don't raise our hands anymore to anwser questions. Teachers need to be more on our level than up on theres.


Classes in general. Just because I am not a very school type of person.


There are no tunnels in winter!


Boring on the weekends unless you're 21


the most frustrating thing about my school is the limited amount of street parking for students that live off-campus.


There is little diversity and little to do on weekends. It is a suitcase campus. Not a good sense of community


I cannot think of anything that is frustraiting about the school.


That it is difficult to graduate in the education field in four years.


People complaining about there being nothing to do on campus, when they don't take the time to look. After being very active and coordinating many of the programs that were available on campus, there was not much more that we could do to promote events.


There are not always enough class sections open to get into the prerequisites that you want.


UW-Riverfalls contains a large majority of people dedicated to binge drinking and going home on the weekends.