University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have looked more into off-campus housing, I would have saved a lot of money. The dorms were okay but I could have had my own place for a comparable price.


This is a really inclusive campus. All my instructors new me by name and I felf comforatable acking them questions. I wish I had known more about activites going on so I could have participated more.


how many people disappeered on the weekend


I would probably wish to know the whole school, the whole faculty because many of them are centered Christian people and have so much potential and want to keep the name of God in the school not like other schools out there that want to take down the name of Jesus. But I definetly wanted to know more of each of the individual on campus who works there and wants their students to reach their goals and dreams of becoming who they want to be in life. That is the kind of faculty I want to meet.


The food in the cafeteria is only its best on visit days and they tend to not plow the parking lots very often so my car gets stuck a lot.


I wish I had know the difficulty of even basic level math. As an english major, math is deffinitly not my strong point.


That I didn't wan't to major in Elementary Education; I would have like to start off right away with history.


I wish I had known more about the school in general


I wish I would have known that many people leave on the weekends. There are many student organizations but they are smaller groups.


The dorms are not very nice


There are many things I wish I would have known about college life in general, but I wish I would have known that River Falls lacks entertainment and cultural activities. Most popular social gatherings are based on alcohol. I wish the campus was more cultural.


It gets very cold in the winter.


The one thing I wish I would have known is that you can be anyone you want to be. You can change and be someone completely different that you were in high school and that's alright. Or you can just stay the same as you always have been.


I wish I would have known how to become more involved. There is a lot to do on campus and now when I meet freshmen I tell them get involved, it is there time to shine!


The importance of involvement within the university. I always heard become involved this and that organization looks great on a resume and all of that is true but becoming involved in the campus I feel makes you more a part and connected to the campus and the people. I am a social person so I went around and met other people but I spent more time working my first couple of years. Now I wish that I would of been active right away. Involvement is critical in connecting to the campus it develops you into a well rounded individual.


More about the different Majors/Minors offered at this school and what fields of work they applied to.


Not living on campus makes it hard to get involved with college life.


That the college was mostly filled with students more concerned with finances than socializing. And that the school truly was a "suitcase" college where students completely either left the campus or were busy with local jobs on weekends; so most socializing happened during the week instaed of achedimic prioreties.