University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The thing that made me decide to stay at UW-RF was the fact that all my professors knew who I was. Class sizes were small, and every day I knew I could get individualized, personal attention to my questions.


The best thing I feel about my high school was it had friendly people who cared about teaching and their students grades. The thing i liked best about it was the AP US History class it was an opportunity to gain college credit which has helped me in college already. This class helped me decide what i wanted to do with my life taking an intrest I had and appling it ti a career.


I think that the recognition UW-River Falls gets in the Twin Cities is one of the best things about my school. One of the big reasons I decided to come to this school was because it was the cheapest offer I had and the education program is well known in the Twin Cities where I want to teach when I graduate. I think that it is a really good thing that high schools in the Twin Cities recognize River Falls as a good school to attend for its education program.


The campus is very environmentally friendly. They try very hard to be green.


The class sizes are small so it is easier to get the one-on-one learning experience. This way it is easier to understand what is going on. All of the professors are intent on making sure we understand what is going on, and that we are learning at our full potential.


The small campus. It's easy to get to all of your classes within a reasonable amount of time.


The tuition is affordable for a great education.


I enjoy the learning based system. The proffessors are focused on teaching and not on their research. THere research is done with students so that the students get practice too


Class sizes are small, and instructors here really are focused on helping students learn, and do make personal connections with the students. The campus is small and compact, which keeps it personal. I have never seen a professor who was not willing to spend extra time going over material, even if it was not for their own class, to help a student understand.


I love how accessible my professors are. They're easy to reach during their office hours, in passing times, in the grocery store, etc. How often do you hear of a professor sitting down in the hall with you to discuss life or a project while sharing your jellybeans?


THe size of the campus makes it a close knit community without making it feel cramped


It's small, caring, non-showy, friendly staff and students, lots to do, beautiful campus, buildings close, quiet areas and noisy areas-whichever you feel like being in, classes are o.k., professors are nice, campus is clean and not crowded


The availability of intramural and club sports because its located in a small town with not much to do so that keeps us involved and busy. Also the availability of on campus free tutuoring in mah because thats my weakest subject.


All of the fraternities and sororities and groups that you may join to become active and well known throughout the school.


The close knit community. Everyone, on and off campus, is very polite and always willing to help you out. There is always someone to talk to, even if it is the first time you talked to this person. Everyone is watching the next persons back. It is crazy how friendly, polite and out-going some of the people at UWRF are.