University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are focused, driven academics ready to get out and make a difference.


My classmates are, for the most part, nontraditional students like me.


The classmates were very helpful, especially as a freshman. College is a new thing for everyone and it felt nice to know that I could go up to someone and ask them a question that seemed pointless even though they happened to be thinking the same thing you were. It is a smaller university which made it easier to get to know classmates better.


They are all much younger than I am, probably because I am a returning student.


The majority of my classmates are dedicated to their education, passionate about their field of study, and determined to succeed in life.


The majority of my classmates are majoring in Natural Resources, so things like deer hunting, ice fishing, and beer are the most commonly overheard topics of conversation.


Generally friendly people, although many students tend to stay close to people they knew in high school, and new students may find it a hard time to meet new people unless they actively involve themselves in campus groups or activities. Most students are from the rural, northern Wisconsin area, with a few exceptions.


My classmates are all unique with different experiences, backgrounds, and desires; however we all have the drive to succeed and better ourselves.


My classmates are true reliable friends who have given me new perspectives on many things in my everyday life that include being happy with who I am as well as being grateful for my accomplishment and my plans to further my education.


My classmates are an eclectic assortment of people coming from various backgrounds all working towards a common goal of personal improvement and growth.


Most are really outgoing and pay attention in class.


Students here are willing to help and generally very relaxed.


Eco-friendly, conservationists trying to make the world a better place one person at a time.


Eager to learn.


My classmates are for the most part very focused and determined for those who are in the class, and those who aren't tend to end up dropping out of college anyway.


My classmates like: to wear Carhartts, drink beer, study, have intellectual conversations, enjoy the outdoors, be environmentally responsible, become involved with student organizations and activities on campus, work to pay for school, go home on many weekends, drink coffee, sing karaoke, to wear fleece jackets and boots to class, ride alternative transportation to campus, smoke weed, listen to music, support local musicians, support local bands, and go to class.


A group of rural, and small town students who are environmentally aware, culturally open, nondiverse ethnically, and slightly bored.


My classmates strive to be the best in their filed while supporting one another in our quest for knowledge.


Most of my peers a friendly, open-minded, environmentally conscious, intelligent and interesting; everyone has their studies, jobs, clubs, and social functions but can still usually find time to have a coffee at the brewhaus and meet some one new.


Very fun


I get along with most everyone