University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) is best known for its natural resource program that gets national attention especially in the paper making program. Graduates of the natural resource program are (almost) guaranteed a in their respected field. The students with outstanding grades and commitment to the field have a job six months prior to graduation which speaks volumes to the program. UWSP is a green university and receives multiple grants from energy companies and or government programs all put together by the natural resource students and faculty.


My school was rated number one for not only being the greenest campus around but we are well known for all environmental classes here.


My school is best known for the science programs, art programs (mostly dance) and communication programs. There are various specialty classes to fit a wide range of students interests. Also they set up where you rent textbooks for a flat rate every semester instead of worrying about buying the very expensive books. The professors here really want to help you and they are easy going and like to be learning enablers and not just talk at you. This school is also not very expensive but you get a lot out of it.


The Pointers Team


The University of Stevens Point has a great education program and theatre program. Also, the campus emphasizes the students and their needs. They do what they can to help us financially, mentally, and physically. Once I joined this college, I knew I would leave with great knowledge, experience, and a will to achieve my goals even after all of my schooling.


I would have to say that my school is well known for Natural Resources and Health Promotion and Wellness. It is a very environmentally conscious and is also known for being very health focused, the health focus was one of my main reasons for choosing this school.


We are a very respected school for biology, education, diatetics, and communicative disorders. This is acheived through faculty professors teaching small classes while the students maintain thirst for the subjects throughout their educational career. For sports, we are known for the swim team which is a high competitor in its division.


Strong natural resourses and education school.


The arts and education programs.