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The most unique thing about the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point that that we make a serious effort to lesson our impact on this planet. This starts with garbage/recycling cans, dorm programs. Everywhere on campus there are subtle signs that remind us to lessen our impact. This is something that all universities do of course, but UWSP excels in every aspect to invole each student and faculty member to be green.


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is unique in two different ways that no other University could offer. First, the University strives on personal wellness for each student, faculty member, and the surrounding community. The first week and last week of every semester UWSP gives free massages, gym memberships, and other club memberships promote healthy living and a positive stress relief. Secondly, the faculty is student centered in and out of class that they become someone you would invite to your wedding. They care about your academic path and provide aid for your journey.


This school has such a huge variety of majors and minors it's easy to explore and find your perfect fit. Also the study abroad program is sensational! there are so many options all the time throughout the year that gave me the opportunities that I wanted.


What makes UWSP so unique is our education program and the quality of the education. I came from Milwaukee and I found that for a school to be this affordable and to yet offer so much in terms of academics is truly as diamond in the rough. UWSP is very cheap and yet manages to offer a great product. I also believe that UWSP is unique because we have a beautiful nature preserve right on campus for everyone to use and enjoy.


UW Stevens Point is a tightly knit community. Living on campus gives you access to hundreds of activities and countless campus events, while still being small enough to allow a sense of family and cimmunity. My teachers all know each student by name, and they form true relationships with their classes. Several programs are available to keep new students on the right track, and there is always something going on. Between our diverse student organizations and our entertainment company, Centertainment, students are never just stuck in their rooms. Stevens Point is a safe, small town school with big time attitude.


UW-Stevens Point has a strong sense of community. Students and other community members in the area are very proud to be support Pointer athletics and wear purple and gold (our school colors). The people in Stevens Point are really genuine and willing to help you if you need it and that goes for the entire community, not just the school. Overall I believe UW-Stevens Point is an amazing place to be a student and a regular community member.


At my school, there are many more opportunities for studying abroad. The dietetics program that i am in is one of the best in the state and very well-known. The campus is small and easy to navigate. It also has a lot of students but not an overwelming number which makes it easier to communicate with my professors and develop bonds with the people around me.


You don't have to buy the class books, you rent them! It's not a huge city, and there are plenty of places to go that are within walking distance. You don't have to pay for your meals daily, you get a meal plan typical to high school. Not many other schools have a nature reserve right on campus.


They are super environmentally concious which I love and there was a strons sense of community. Also the Campus Crusade for Christ movement is the largest in the State at Stevens Point.


My mom attended this college and from what she has told me about it, I felt that it was somewhere that I wanted to attend. It turned out that this campus is perfect for me. It is not only close to home, but just far enough away to allow independance. I had considered going to Madison or Oshkosh, but I didn't like how expensive Madison was, and how far away from home Oshkosh was. I enjoy attending the University of Stevens Point because their Psychology classes and programs are exactly what I need for my career.


There are so many different types of people here and everyone is so kind and willing to meet and be friends with just about anyone. There is a great sense of a college community here which is great!


My college is located in a smaller town in the middle of Wisconsin. The unique thing about it is that the college sits somewhat in the center of the city and much of the town is oriented around it. There's a defined sense of small town community and comradship within Stevens Point. The unique aspect about my school is the individual attention that the students can obtain from there professors. The teaching staff prefers that their students learn something and obtain what they learn verses just memorizing facts inorder to pass the class.


UWSP is a natural resources college, so we are a very "green campus" there are recycling bins every fifty feet. There is no reason to not recycle here.


UW-Stevens Point is placed apart from other schools because of its diversity. It has many exchange students that add to the developement of the school and its very liberal. Everyone is accepted. Point encourages arts as well as practical studies, and it pushes for students to be environmentally friendly. UW-Stevens Point cares about the future.


This school was more helpful than the others I have attended. Before I registered for courses I met with an advisor who set up a graduation plan for me. I knew what classes to take and when to take them. Now that I am one semester from graduating, I can say the plan worked. I met with anadvisor several times and stayed on track. The advisors all work together to make sure you are successful in completing your education.


Very environmentally focused (one of the top Natural Resources schools in the nation). Many students that share the same love for the outdoos as I have.

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