University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This university has a lot of free opertunites for events and activities offered on campus and that the school brings to campus for us. We've had movies, comedians, lots of interesting speakers (mostly authors of books we read in English classes). They really try to apply the real world and connect students with others outside of campus. Another great part of UWSP is they offer free workshops to learn how to create and build your resume and for interviewing. They really prepare you for the world outside of college so everyone is ready.


I brag about the location of the campus and how pretty it is year round.


That the school is full of real, helpful people that are their for you to help you succeed. I also tell them that the people at UWSP are very down to earth and have a good perspective on things.


It is a very friendly school that is easy to make friends with. The professors are excellent and they are always there if you have questions or are struggling with a class. I encourage them to come and visit becasue they will see how nice of a campus it actually is.


Although this school is small, that has an advantage as far as the campus size. The buildings in which the classes are held are all close to one another. That makes finding classes and getting there on time easy. The professers here are also very helpful when seeking extra help outside of the classroom. The Unviersity is overall a solid place of higher education.


I tell me friends that the school hs an amazing educational program. Its classes are a little difficult, but it's worth it. The teacher are always there to help out whenever you need them; you just have to take the inititive to locate them.


I brag about our intense biological and natural science curriculums. A lot of people think Stevens Point, being a city of only 8,000 people, doesn't have anything to do, but I inform them otherwise. I talk about the activities students can partake in like sports events, watching movies, dances, and hall activities all for free!


I always brag about the people, everyone you meet is so excepting and personable. I always have a great time with my friends and the new friends I meet everyday.


I brag most about the location of my school. We have a wildlife reserve and beautiful student completed artwork on campus. Although I also brag about the professors and edecation I receive, the location really made the university for me when deciding on a school to attend. There are many trails, local and eco-concious people and ideas, and the availability to the outdoors is at my finger tips. Recently moving back to Wisconsin from Boulder, Colorado moving to Stevens Point has been a easy transisition back into school because the ideas and outdoors are used and loved by all.


That it is the perfect size school. Very enviornmental friendly. The teachers are very helpful and no TA's. Teachers are always willing to help.


Campus size


The community and layout of the campus. All of the academic buildings are together rather than spread out. The scenary is beautiful with the nature preserve. We have one of the best study abroad programs. The equipment in all of the classrooms is up to date and efficient.


The amount of out-of-the-classroom activities that were available to me.


The profs are great! I love the comunity feel, and the music department here is the best! As for education majors: graduate from Point, and you are almost guarenteed a job anywhere!


What I brag about most about UWSP is that I have the opportunity to work with the museum director on campus. As a history major who is focused in going into public history this gives me the opportunity to further my knowledge of the inner workings of museums. Although UWSP is a small school I am glad I still get this opportunity which only bigger schools tend to offer.