University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of support if you've had a bad semester.


I don't think that there is anything too bad about my school, but if I had to choose I would say that would be the food for the dorms. It isn't horrible but it could be better. Also, since it is somewhat related, I would say that the meal plans are very good, you either have too many meals that you have to find ways to spend in various ways, or you have ot few and have ot ration your meals, there isn't a good sweat spot for a meal plan.


I am a non-traditional student and am taking classes online so I am not familiar with campus activities.


If I had to choose a "worst" thing about UWSP I would have to say the inability to live off-campus for the first two years. There are very specific circumstances which allow some underclassmen to live off-campus, however the stipulations strict which stifle many students' ability to live off-campus. It would be nice if I could live off-campus sooner than my junior year of college. That is really the only downside to attending school on this campus.


It is extremely expensive, and financial aid is really mainly given to certain races or women that come from a certain geological area in Milwaukee. So a free ride will be handed to someone who doesn't neccessarily have as much if any drive or passion just because they met certian qualifications.


UWSP is a great school, but there isn't much to do in the Stevens Point area for fun. Downtown Stevens Point is populated largely by bars, and the shops that are there tend to close by five, making nightlife for non-drinkers like myself non-existent.


I think the worst thing about the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is that you kind of feel like a number more than a person, especially if you came from a small high school. In high school, teachers made sure you got your homework down and were on task, but in college, I only had one professor actually remember my name and it felt difficult to fit in.


Unfortunately, they do not offer a full engineering program. I would love to be able to stay at this school and not have to transfer to a college that does have an engineering program.


I wasn't impressed with the school's advising personnel. I strongly believe that they should implement a program to guarantee that a studen't advisor is capable of directing the student in the right direction, as well as, passionate about the field of study the student in choosing.


The worst thing about Stevens Point has nothing to do with the school itself, but rather the weather. Winter in Stevens Point is pretty awful. It is absolutely freezing outside, so walking to class or to go eat is a nasty experience, and when you get inside it is so hot that you sweat or your glasses steam up. It is just an unpleasant, boring season since the only thing you can really do is sit in your dorm and watch movies. Besides that, I really have no complaints about Point. It's an excellent campus with a great atmosphere.


The only problem with my school is that the Unviersity is located in a VERY small town. The students here do not have alot to choose from as far as weekend activities, or activities period for that matter. School events as such football, basketball, or track meet are about the only thing that keep students here on the weekend. We have one movie theatre, and a shopping center which is located in the next town over. Location plays a key factor in the improvements this school could possibly make.


One thing I would change about my school is the fact that students are not required to buy the textbooks because they are rented out. These textbooks are great resources for when we start our careers and even though we have the option of buying them later in the year most students don't because by that time they have spent all of their extra cash. Even the teachers agree that some of the books are a necessity in our careers.


UWSP is overall a good university. I wouldn't consider anything bad about my school.


I would consider the food to be the worst thing about my school. While it is admirable that the school uses students to do the cooking, the recipies they try tend to come out a little worse for wear.


I would say that the lack of focus on cultural studies would be the worst thing about UWSP. While there are programs in which one can study this, I believe that an important subject such as this requires more of an emphasis and it is unfortunately overshadowed and underfunded by other areas of study. It is my wish that cultural/international studies would receive more funding and that the university would encourage more students to get involved in this area.


When it's cold, it's cold. I wish there were more rooms in the residence halls so it could hold more people in them for me to meet.


The worst thing about high school is how strongly students feel the need to meet today's social standards. Being a teenager today is hard when you are constantly being judged for things that shouldn't matter. In today's society, social standards are set very high. For example, all over the media we are shown images of what we are expected to look like to be successful, popular, and happy. They somehow forget that the most important thing to remember in high school is to be yourself and do what you enjoy most. Otherwise, you dread everyday of school.


The cost of meal plans here is too expensive!


The worst thing about the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in my opinion would be the on campus housing. The dorm rooms tend to be constantly over heated. There is an abundance of noise pollution on weekdays when someone may be attempting to study, and the policies regarding noise are too strict on weekends when the noise level may be more appopriate.




The surrounding area lacks culture and diversity. It is gradually getting better, but it could use a lot of improvement that would make life a little better when not studying. There are a lot of bars.


I consider the worst part of UWSP to be the cost of the Health Enhancement and Allen Center. I think that these services should be cheaper, although free would be rather nice. Our school promotes being green and healthy, I believe that the students woud become more healthy if they were able to work out at an accessible place.


There is nothing absolutely horrible about the school besides the number of General Degree Courses that everyone needs to take.


Besides the weather, the chancellor is some what unresponsive to student needs and desires -- she runs the school like a business -- but we have a decicaded student government association fighting for us everyday.


Once you reach your 3rd or 4th year the campus social interaction begins to get smaller.


With this past election, I felt out of place as a republican since Stevens Point is a very Democratic city. It was very alienating how pushy the Obama campaigners got this election, making the few republicans wary of sharing beliefs. The weekends here are usually a lot of fun but not many people stick around since Stevens Point fits as a suitcase college due to the position of the city being in central Wisconsin.


The administrators continue to support and enforce failed policies on some key issues. Too often I see non-solutions being offered to solve problems. These stand as only an empty shell that makes it look like something is being done, when in reality the problem is just as bad or worse.


The department has favorites and doesn't really care about those who are the favorite not. It seems to be BA's are less then the beloved BFA'sregardless of the work that the student does.


Lack of Diversity of Professor background because we are loosing professors to places of higher paying jobs. Not being able to prioritize my studies over my involvement with campus activities such as student government, Money as a student im always worried about money, and it takes away from life


The parking for commuting students. There are plenty of parking lots.. but not enough street parking


Our Chancelor she spends money on things we don't need like remodeling the dining area at Treehaven. not needed.


My school doesn't have a clear vision of what it wants to become. There are always new goals and standards it sets for its self, but it's always heading in a different direction. I believe that if it could just pick one thing and work at it the whole school will be better.