University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone whose well balanced. Someone who can find the proper combination of being hard working in classes, and being a social butterfly out in public.


I think a person that wants to attend this school should be open minded. There is a large community of people from all over the world that should be taken with an open mind that you can learn a lot from. It's just the right size for those who don't like big cities, but just enough to be entertaining. It's quiet, most of the time, and it's clean with a large amount of parks and nature trails. Plenty to do on campus and in the community.


A laid back individual who is looking for a comfortable experience.


Anyone with low income or looking for a place to continue their education should come here. It's mainly a natural science school but they have plenty of other majors as well.


This IS the one and only place for a natural resource degree! Stevens Point has the greatest faculty and instructors in that field. They are very knowledgeable and have extensive experience; they are honestly the best of the best, you can?t find anything like it anywhere else. Not from my experience, but from what I hear they also have a great music department. Also the residence halls promote diversity, and a wide variety of specially orientated associations.


Do not be afraid to get involved. The area is friendly and focused on education. It makes one feel like they belong, where a bigger college does offer great education, a small school offers a place that feels like a home. The type of person that attends here is open, honest, and eager to make new friends.


Anyone who is into being outside and experiencing nature should go to Stevens Point. City people will not feel at home here and may get bored with the limited amount of places to go. People raised in small suburbs or rural areas however will find Point to have many fun opportunities and lots of friendly, happy people to make friends with. My experience here has been great, I quickly made lifetime friends and find that the education here fits my needs perfectly as a person who is interested in nature and learning about helping the environment.


I would reccommend this University to someone interested in a natural resources career, or someone from the more rural areas surronding the Stevens Point area of Wisconsin. I would not reccommend this school from someone from a larger city such as Minneapolis or Milwaukee because the secludedness of the town can be quite a culture shock.


One of the best things about my college, Kent State University, Is the diversity of students on campus. People from different cities, State, and even countries come together to fulfill a common goal of gaining an education to ensure a promising future. Meeting people, and learning about their varies lifestyles and backgounds really broadened my horizen and opened me up to see just how large the world is. I have learned to accept opinions that differ from mine, and to be open to beliefs of others.


I think that this school is for anyone who wants to be successful and graduate from college. You are bound to make friends, succeed in your classes, and graduate with a purpose and goal for what you want to do as your career. I think the best thing about my school is the library. It is a great resource for writing papers. I also enjoy the atmosphere and the people. I would like to be a Counselor after I graduate, so it is nice to meet new people and get to know them.


Anyone, really, should attend this college. There is something for everybody.


A person attending UW-SP should be dedicated to the spirit of learning, being part of the campus community, along with the Central Wisconsin community, and one that recognizes the value of the education created together by administration and the teaching staff. A student realizes they come first in their education.


I think any type of person would like it here.


The top two departments are the natural sciences and the fine arts. I can't speak to the natural sciences, but the fine arts are absolutely everything that I could ask for and more!!!!!


Anyone who loves the physical enviornment or a positive, diverse enviornment.


Any kind of person can attend this school and you will be able to fit in and find great friends. If you want to be in sports this college has great athletic teams. A person who doesn't want to take buses to get around to class.


The type of students sthat hould attend UWSP are the ones that enjoy learning and are full of spirit. Also, they should be ready to make a plan for graduation. Many of the people I have met so far at this school are very upbeat and fun, yet they also are focused on graduating on a timely schedule. The person attending should be willing to be open to meeting new people because these friends will stay with you for years.


Someone who doesn't want to just be one person out of 10,000. Its a nice size city here and you are garanteed to make frriends and have a good time.


A natural resource person would love this school and would probably get a great job within 5 or 10 years of graduating. It is also a state school, so its the most affordable 4 yr college you can go to.


If you like small towns and can handle the cold weather, this is the right place for you.


small town kids who like the outdoors


Those seeking a smaller school, that is friendly, and loves the outdoors.


Anyone who's not sure what they want to do. There are a lot of choices at UWSP and you can take as long as you need to figure out what you want.


Anybody that is interested in our natural resources, and people that enjoy their social life yet value their education.


Someone with an open mind who likes small class sizes and enjoys the outdoors. Also someone who is environmentally conscious.


Anyone looking for a fun time with great oppurtunities in several fields


The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point allures people of all different backgrounds, races, styles, and personalities. The Professors are made up of all sorts of religions and backgrounds which helps the students feel welcomed and at home. I personally believe that Stevens Point is a combination of friendly, athletic, and intellectually inclined students as well as Professors. Anybody and everybody is welcomed with open arms and a smile!