University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A conservative person.


Individuals that prefer the big-city feel with sky scrappers, malls and 24-hour hustle and bustle, in addition, those whom expect the campus to be busy on the weekends. Those that prefer large lecture halls and numerous teaching assistants that will not remember their name. Unfriendly, negative individuals will not enjoy this school. Those that do not like nature and green environmental focus.


The types of people that shouldn't come to UWSP are people who don't want to interact with anyone at all. There is so much going on around campus that it is pretty hard not to get involved in some way.


I definetly wouldn't recommend this school to someone who does not appreciate nature. The school is located right next to a Forest preserve and a lot of the campus is focused on being environmentally friendly. Also, remember that winter in Wisconsin can be tough, so make sure that you relatively enjoy the snow and icy cold.


Someone who loves a city life should not attend the University of Stevens Point. The college is a medium sized school in a medium, leaning toward small, town. There are plenty of stores for students to find food, music, clothes, coffee, things most college kids use. However, the night life and weekend life isn't as busy or glitzy as a city's night or weekend life.


The types of people that should not attend this school are people who are not indepent and are not willing to try new things, because at my school you are not close to many buildings that have the essentials for every day living. Therefore you have to go out on your own and walk to these buildings. Classes are spread throughout the campus as well. Students will have to be willig to try new things because the university has many activites and events going on every week that will help you learn about other students and learn about yourself.


Someone that may not want to attend this school is someone that is looking for a big city feel.


I truly think this school fits just about everyone's personality and needs. If people don't have a major in mind or don't like attending small-medium population schools though, then UWSP isn't for them.


You know, I think that all kinds of people can attend this school. There is no reason any kind of person shouldn't attend this school, unless it is simply a matter of having a major not offered at UW Stevens Point. The students at my school are very accepting toward all different kinds of people, and I feel as though everyone can find a place where they would fit in.


The kind of person who should not attend the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point would be anyone who does not wish to try hard to succeed. Anyone who is opposed to hunting should also not go to this school since there is a very large population of hunters present. This university is also located next to a nature reserve; so therefore anyone who dislikes wildlife should not attend this college.


A person who likes to stay back on campus during weekends. Campus is almost empty during the weekends.


People that are high class and are interested in greek life. Also, people that are looking for religious education should not attend this university.


The kind of person who should not attend this college is a person who does not enjoy being guided from the begining to the end. If you are a person who does not appreciate professors and administrators taking a personal interest in your life, you will not enjoy this university.


A person that is interested in big names for research...but if you are willing to meet professors and learn how to do research, you would be happy here.


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who prefers to live in a metropolitan city and enjoys dressing more classy. Also, the kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who expects other people to do things for him or her, enjoys fine dining, and would like to pursue an advanced degree at the same school. Furthermore, the type of person who should not attend this school is someone who would like to pursue a practical degree; this is an environmental sciences, education, and liberal arts focused school.


Someone who is kept to themself. this school has so much to offer and only students who really want to take advantage of that should come here. Also, if you dont like snow and winter, do NOT even think about Point!


Someone who is used to a fast paced city life.


Someone who is looking for an extremely busy and city based college career shouldn't go to school here.


Someone who shouldnt attend this school is someone who isnt motivated to get somewhere in life. Someone who has no drive, and just comes here to pary and have a good time. Someone that shouldnt come here would have no drive, no responsibility, no organization, no social skills and someone who wants to sleep and never get anything done.


Someone who likes large cities


Someone interested in theory driven science. Applied scientists are best.


Someone who needs to be in a very large school.


A nerdy person


People who are not used to smaller "city" life and are more conservative. UWSP tends to be a more liberal school concerned about the environment.


If you are looking for a huge or tiny campus, don't attend this school! Also, if you are against binge drinking, definitely don't attend this school!