University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I do not need 200 words to answer this question. I would simply say to myself: "Go get 'em tiger."


The advice I would give myself is keep your head down your freshman year and observe the dymanics that are so different from high school. Do not try to skate through classes but put in the effort to do well in the first-year classes because it only gets harder from there. Do not get into trouble and find a group of people that share your beliefs and will be a good supposrt system. Having good friends you can vent to makes all the difference when things get rough.


Life goes by so fast, just take it all in and enjoy the moment that you are in. Every time you have an opportunity to learn, go for it, knowledge is power. We must all maintain an open mind because nobody knows everything, and we can all learn from the people we least expect to help expand our horizons.


Carey! I only have two hundred words to prepare you for college and our future this upcoming fall! You will graduate in six years with three majors in Broad-field Social Science, History, and Political Science with international honors society memberships in each one. Upon graduation you will be an awesome long-term substitute teacher for the Wauapaca School District in which the faculty and student body will admire and want to hire you! Two years out of school you will become the Alternative Education-At Risk teacher for Merrill High School that has pushed failing students to graduate high school and go on to college! Without you, they would have failed and dropped out of high school! That’s pretty impressive don’t get me wrong! My advice to you is to enjoy your college experience by attending school functions as much as you can. In your six years at college you attended ZERO school functions. You spent your whole time studying and working forty hours a week which left zero time to enjoy college. College life is one thing I can’t get back and wish I could! Listen closely: Please enjoy college life and take my advice.


I would tell my high school senior self that "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back." Don't be afraid to pursue your interests, even if others don't share the same interests or think your interests are strange. Put your happiness first, not your parents', friends', or professors'. Curiosity is the main driver for all your endeavors so don't squander the "free time" you have in college and instead take the time to explore all the questions you have. College is really about egocentrism, we are there to learn about ourselves and the topics that interest us. We need to make it about us, stay in our own hula-hoop and breakdown the monstrousity of a task that completing a college degree is so as not to overwhelm ourselves worrying about the future. Focusing on our fascinations in life is the most beneficial way to approach college, and I would advise my high school senior self to pursue my curiosities and push away anybody else's opinion. It's your life and your choice what you do with it.


“College”? You mean “challenge”. Right now, you’ve got a bad case of Senioritis that’s going to need some heavy TLC in the fall when you head to college. Remember when you started high school and didn’t know anyone? That’s college, but at three times bigger, and way weirder. Remember how easy algebra class was? Not when you’re learning quantitative statistics and measuring the area under a curve in calculus. Most importantly, remember coming home to dinner, completing homework is less than an hour, and then chatting with your friends all night? The dog days are over when you have multiple exams in a single week. Mental preparation isn’t enough to combat the rigors of higher learning. You won’t get to sleep in. You’ll barely see your friends and family. You are going to be hungry all the time . Unless your precious hours are used for work instead of sleeping or studying, you’re going to be completely broke, and in debt. “Why put myself through all that stress?” you’ll ask. “Because,” I’ll respond. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I know you can’t resist a challenge.”


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, the first thing I'd do is slap myself and say "stay focused and be positive." Things can be very stressful at times and I need to remember to enjoy the little things. When life becomes too overwhelming, to stop and think before jumping into a decision. Most of all I'd admit to myself that life is about making mistakes and I will probably make many. As long as I learn from those mistakes is what's important.


I would tell myself that I should continue with my plan to go to the 2-year college because it will save money and it is a very good school. Then I would tell myself, to make sure to choose the correct college to transfer to; basically to tell myself to do plenty of research. I would also tell myself about getting a research assistant position instead of working at a planetarium or do it with the planetarium. Finally, I would tell myself to be more social at the dorm. I would tell him to open the door so that people would talk to him, go to more events, talk more to my roommate that came from Brazil to learn more about him and his culture, and just to actually go out and talk to people, that is one of my biggest regrets about my first year of college and that something I should have really did and would have helped me a lot.


I would have given much more thought to what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have had several jobs and have been working on my bacelors degree for the past 14 years and will graduate in May 2014. I will them be going to Lakeland College to complete my master's degree as a school counselor.


Be paitent! Everything will seem like a blur at first and you'll think that you'll never make it through even your first week. Taking things slow and really talking to people about campus or classes or different teachers really makes a difference. Sometimes it seems scary to ask what seem like silly questions but you wouldn't believe how many people, even upperclassmen, have questions just like yours. Getting lost and being late is way more embarrassing than just asking for the correct direction to go for a class. And don't just skip your class if you see that you are late, many teachers understand the first month or so that it is sometimes difficult to figure out where you are going. Especially when some universities all the buildings look the same. And last but not least just go for it. Join clubs and make tons of friends and have fun. Good luck.


The number one piece of advice I would give myself would be to pack less when preparing to go to college. Looking back on my past self I question why I packed fourty or more shirts, and that isn't even counting pants, shoes, and other various clothing items. Two large bins just filled with clothes is extremely unnessary, which is obviously something I didn't understand when preparing for college. Besides packing, and on a more serious note I would make sure to tell myself to enjoy high school while I was still there; I would go to atheletic games, hang out with more friends, and not just focus on getting out of high school. Now that I am in college, far from friends and people I spent four years around, I really regret not enjoying my high school surroundings when I had the chance. I am glad that I focused on my studies as much as I did in high school, because it was a big help when getting into schools of my choice. Overall, I would make sure I spent more time with my peers, study hard, and pack a lot less clothes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that high school and college are way different than you expect. In high school I never studied and got A's and B's all the time. College is completely different and you have to work for your grades as well as trying to include yourself into a new environment. I'd tell myself to take more AP classes and challenge myself because all those classes paid off right now and I came into college with 20 credits making me a junior standing in my sophmore year of college. I would also tell myself to keep the friends that I made in high school because college you can make new lifelong friends but it's difficult and once you aren't living in the dorms and near each other, everything changes. Having friends and family close to you helps the transition into college a lot easier and less stressful. If I could go back I'd tell myself that yes college is the best four years of your life, but it's also your hardest so don't give up.


3 things. First, stick to my old habit of not procrastinating and always doing all my work in a timely manner. Most student, particularly in College, gets sidetrack of a lot of activities resulting to procrastination. Secondly, always ask questions. I find this very helpful because a lot of student, specially freshmen, don't ask questions because they are shy or they're not use to their surrounding. Asking questions could really help a student in many areas such in class, social activities, and any other outside matter. And lastly, I would remind myself to never forget to have fun. College is one of the most precious things you could experience in life. Not many people get the chance to ever step on college. Don't sweat, remain smile, and have fun.


Save your money...


I would tell myself to learn how to find study tips that work for me and stop trying to be like everyone else. I would pay attention eariler as to how I did so well in school without really trying, but realize that college is different than high school and that even if you are naturally gifted, at Mount Mary they challenge you so much that you need to buckle down earlier and don't rest on your morels. Try harder ealier and I could have achieved even more. I would have made myself work on my time management and self disapline in my first year of college.


If I had a single piece of advice for my past self, it would be this; don't worry, you'll figure it out. Two years ago, I really didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I went to UWSP to begin generals with a vague idea of a career path. But my time there and the time spent with friends and professors helped me to choose a goal for my next year in college, as well as the upoming years of my life.


I would have told myself to stay in school and not have taken time off for myself. I also would have told myself that the earlier you get into college, the earlier you get out instead of sitting behind and looking at all of your friends who have graduated. Perhaps I would have told myself I was smarter than I thought and I had the potential to not let other's bullying get to me and to deal with the world on my own.


Enjoy every minute because you only get to live each day once. Never stop pushing to be the best you can be and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Use all the resources you have, because someone else already wishes they had. Don't be afraid to speak up-there's no such thing as a stupid question. Call your parents ! They will miss you , you will miss them, and they make really good care packages. If it all gets to be too much and you don't know what to do, stop and really think about whre you want to go. If your decision won't matter in ten years, don't sweat it and save yourself the cortisol. Never be afraid to let everyone see you try, because if you aren't trying at life, you aren't really living at all.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would reasure myself that going to a community college would be worth it. It not only saves money but it's a great transition into college life. Also to use every resource I can, the tutoring center or get to know the teacher if possible, it prepares you for any kind of homework or tests that get thrown at you. The biggest advice I would give to myself as a senior going into college would be to have fun with it and not to work so much. I felt like my whole community collge experience was full of two jobs, volunteering at the hospital and being a full time student. I am greatful I got to have all those opportunities but I wish I would have just taken some time to be a kid and have fun, but the college experience is not over. I will take all of this advice with me to the university and remember to keep my heads in the books and get good grades but not to be afraid to take it out for an occasional fun college adventure.


Dear 18 year old me,I know you are uncertain of what lays ahead, but I want you to exude the self-confidence that radiates through you, even when you don’t feel it. You will arrive at various forks in the road, hurdles in your path. I want you to hold on strong to your morals and have faith that you will prevail, even when it seems impossible. Stay focused, and dedicated. Keep your sense of good judgment and hold your standards high. Speak up when things bother you, dare to stand out, be the first and be a leader. Do something that scares you everyday, push through those uncomfortable experiences. I know you be tempted to quit, but endure because in the end the sense of personal growth and accomplishment is a high that will cause you to “raise the bar” higher, continuing to develop into a strong, confident member of the professional world. Relish the moments helping others, and recognize that it makes you feel complete. Overall, maintain your sense of humility, you’re going to be fine.Your Later Self.


If I would go back in time to help my high school self out I would have studied more. I wish I could go back in time and do so much better in high school, that way I could have gone to a better school and been able to get more scholarships. I also would go back and join more clubs and have volunteered even more. On top of all of that I also would have saved my money instead of speeding it on useless things. But there is no going back, there's only looking forward. It's not about what we did in the past, it's about what we choose to do with our future.


Pick the college that you feel you can benefit from the most. Also pick a school that you can see yourself attending for a few years. The main reason that you are spending this amount of money is to get the best education that you can. That is why that should be the first priority. The second priority should be if you are able to see yourself enjoying the campus itself. You are going to be living there for almost a full year at a time so it is important to enjoy the place that you are at. This is the best advice i could give myself and any other senior about how to choose a college that is right for you. Advice for making it in college is to study harder then you ever have before and turn all assignments in on the due date.


To study more. Make sure that I don't slack off my senior year because it is very important for the future and it is very beneficial. Whether it be for scholarships or what not, colleges still look at your high school grades, and definitely be involved. Especially in volunteer work. Colleges always ask what you have been involved in may it be volunteer work or paid work. It is very beneficial to step aside from thinking of yourself and think about others. You might learn something along the way.


When they said to buckle down and really start looking, they meant it. It's not the cliche you think it is. You have to follow what it is you feel you should do, no matter how unrealistic it sounds, because when it gets down to the wire you still have to make the choice about what to do, and the career's perspective pay will become secondary. Do what YOU need to do and don't wait a minute to get started.


STUDY! Do not allow yourself to get so wrapped up with everything else that is happening on campus. The college experience is not what your paying for, it's the education you are paying for. But at the same time don't be scared to get out there and meet new people and try things you have never tried before. So while making sure to keep academics your number one priority, get the experience of trying new things in a new place with new people so you don't miss out on any of it.


I have gotten many things through my college experience. I have learned that more about my self then anything. Because I have been on my own I have learned to make the most of my obilities. I have also learned or better discovered how to be a hard worker and apply my skills in the class room. It has been valuable for me to attend college because of the experience that I have had. Through the experience that I have had I have been able to learn much more about my-self and the world. It has given me better perspective on my out look on life and I am sure my ideas and values will evolve as I continue on my college experience.


I have learned so much in my three and a half years. I have learned to be a better writer, researcher and studier. I believe my selection of UW-Stevens Point was the best choice I have made because they give me ample opportunities to succeed in these areas. I have also been able to make great friends and undoubtedly will keep contact with them after graduation. The atmosphere around the campus and the classroom makes this a place I will remember for the rest of my life.


For me, it is important to learn new things and expand my world view. College has really helped me gain more knowledge and interact with people I never would have met otherwise. I'm normally a shy person, but in college it is essential to get to know the students around you. Also, to be able to get along with a wide array of people. Not only is this helping me grow as a person, but it is also preparing me for a life-long career. College is a very important step in my life, shaping me into the person I'm meant to become.


As a returning student, the most valuable thing I have gotten out of this, second, college experience is a second chance to succeed in college. The first time I attended I failed out after two years.


I have received much, much more than information and education at this college. At the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point I have discovered my potential, become and active leader, and begun to pursue my life purpose which is more than just a career. I have learned a lifestyle at this college that I doubt I would learned at many other colleges, if any. I have made friends of my professors and supervisors. My experience at this college has given me a confidence for the future and for the institution as a whole. The price I have paid for this college has yielded a revenue that is priceless in worth. It is at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point that I have made my best friends and found a fulfillment that is indescribable. I would recommend this college to anyone. There are so many ways to get involved in extra-curricular academics, intramurals, or interest-groups and a spirit of volunteerism and friendliness resides on and around campus.


In my opinion, a value can't be placed on education. The true value is priceless. By attending college, I am working toward more than just a degree, at the end of the day, my ulitmate goal is to determine how I would like to spend the rest of my life. I have embarked on a journey that has lead me down a path of life, that I might not have otherwise been able to experience if I had just chosen to work a full-time job straight out of high school. This journey has brought me in the presence of some spectacular professors that have inspired me to search in life for my true purpose and meaning, and to take some risks in order to figure out my future. When I first entered college, I thought I was just here to land a good paying job, but now, I have come to the conclusion, that a good paying job is worthless if you dread waking up in the morning.


I came here to learn about natural resources and did I ever get it. The courses I have enrolled in are oriented toward my major and are informative in the field I seek to enter in the work force. All that is required of me I seek to achieve because I know it will serve me when I pursue my career goals. Academically it has been challenging and stimulating, and socially the experience on campus has made me more perceptive to different perspectives. There is so much activity, community involvement and student organizations to participate in. It has been, so far, an opportunity to encounter a variety of prospects that are available to me that the world has to offer.


It has valuable to attend is becauese I can better myself , and my family as well. I will get a AS degree when I finish with my college education . Get a better pa ying job as well. To show my children its worth going to college to better yourself for the future.


The college experience has taught me to be determined, while having fun. It has taught me that studying will actually get you the grades that you want and deserve, but too much of it can definately be a bad thing. College has definitely taught me to find a balance between everything I do and I will carry that with me throughout life. Time management has been developed this past year as well and I know that in order to survive or "make it" in the real world you must have passion for whatever it is that you decide to do.


I know that education has always been an extremly important goal in my life, and finding a college that fits who I am wasn't something that came lightly to me. I wanted t make sure it was the righ college, and I found that in Stevens Point Wisconsin. I know that it is a friendly laid-back atmosphere that calms me down after living in a pretty big city of Naperville, Illinois. I trust the campus and staff and everyone has always been encouraging and understanding towoards my transfer. It was a smooth process, and it relieves me to know that I've found a great University for me.


As a confident college sophmore I would walk up to my apprehensive, shy, and unsure 18 year old self and tell her that there is no reason to be unhappy with your life because living with a more positive attitude makes life that much more enjoyable. Love yourself and everything you do, you are your own unique person and people can see that you have things to contribute to the world that no one else has. You may encounter some obstacles that may make you question the path you are following, but that's what life is all about, learning from mistakes. Conquer your fear of talking to new people, there are people out there who want to hear what you have to say. You will find the college of your dreams, and a group of friends that will make you feel like a million dollars. You will pursue your dream of working with animals as a career, and you will find a man that loves you for who you are. For the first time in your life you will feel like the beautiful, smart, talented, creative human being you were born to be, so smile, because life is spectacular!


Breathe. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror. You see that? There, right there. That is the face of a college student. That is the face of someone who is putting a k-12 education behind her, and is now moving up to the level of--oh my God--secondary education. Don't worry about your college classes, because some of them are easier than high school. Don't worry about meeting people, because you'll be great. Don't worry about forgetting something, because your mom loves you enough to mail you anything you've forgotten. Most importantly, don't worry about the people you're leaving behind. This is when your life truly becomes YOURS. So, my advice to you, a bright-eyed college freshman? Hindsight may be 20/20, but if you keep looking backwards you're bound to be tripped up by the present. Let these next four years be spent only looking to the future.


Having been in college and being a second semester college student, I would encourage all high school seniors to understansd the importance of time management. In college, you are expected be able to get everything done in a certain amount of time with no excuses. I would also encourage students to learn the trade of note taking. Everything written down, will not be on the test , and it will be your job to know exactly what the important things are by doing an excellent job of listening. My piece of advice would be, not to worry or stress about college. It is a time in your life where you begin to discover who you are, so enjoy the experience as much as possible.


I would tell myself that attendance is extremely important and is valued by the professors. I would also prepare myself for meeting people of various cultures, ethnicities, race, color, disabilities, etc. With meeting new people comes the opportunity of peer pressure. I would tell myself to associate with the right people and to not let the wrong ones drag you down a road that would be troublesome. It can be hard to stay on the right track. Another word of advice would be to be frugal with money and don't waste it on needless material things. Student loans is money that you have to pay back and with interest it's practically double the amount that you originally took out. Overall, I would tell myself to stay focused and driven. The amount of effort you put in is the same as what you get out of it.


How many times have you heard the college life is a lot easier than being in high school? When I was a senior in high school, I couldn?t wait to go to college. I thought that going to college was going to be so much fun and easy. College is not as easy as everyone thinks. If I could go back in time to when I was a senior, college would be a lot different for me now. I would give myself some much advice that would make my transition to college a lot easier. College professors and high school teachers are completely different. In high school, I had teachers that stayed on top of me if I missed any work, made sure that I was always caught up, and some teachers were very lenient on work. Some college professors don?t care if you fail or not, never toke attendance, and checked homework. I had to make sure that I was caught if I missed a day. I don?t mean to scare you, but college is hard and requires dedication and discipline. Consider the following advice. Be organized Stay on top Go to class everyday Speak up!!!


I would advise myself to basically continue what I was doing. During my high school career I was already studying hard and doing my homework, but I woud also tell myself to lighten up. College is not as difficult as I thought it would be so I tried a lot harder in high school than I think I needed to, and I also put myself through a lot of extra stress. Finally, I would tell mself to open up. I was so closed off in high school I felt lonely. I would tell myself to get out into the world at college because college can be as fun or as scary as you want it to be.


The best piece of advice I would give myself past self about selecting colleges would be to conduct more research into various schools and to apply for more scholarships. In high school I only searched through 2 or 3 schools before deciding to go to UWSP and I wish I had looked and more. Although UWSP has some great programs in academics they lack in many areas I am interested in, mainly a thriving campus ministry. I wish I could go back and tell my past self to spend more time visting a variety of public and private schools and to also apply for more scholarships than I did. I didn't recieve any more for school so I settled on a public school. I would urge my past self to apply to as many schools and possible and as many scholarships as possible because the only bad thing that could happen would be to still recieve no money. I just wish I had a second chance to explore more options and to gain a greater understanding of other schools so I could have made a more informed decision about the next four years of my life.


Dear Hallie, I'm writing from the future, and I've experienced your life up to a college sophomore, so it would be wise to take this as seriously as you can. First of all, you've been stuck in a rut since highschool started, and you immediately start college with a much improved study schedule. However, there will always be setbacks, and I must warn you to be wary of your new roomate. You've been told so many times how clueless and weird you are, and your new roomate has the same mindset about you. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let her bring you down the same as others have. This will set your self confidence back miles. So the solution might be to ignore her, and remind yourself of your kindness and worth, knowing you can and will learn fluent french, and he science of psychology. Furthermore, find friends who can laugh with you and respect your goals and be there for you no matter what. Lastly, never give up Big Brothers Big Sisters. Volunteering holds just as many lessons as a costly three credits does.


Picking a colleg can be really stressful, and if you do not check out all the options, you can make some really big mistakes. Talk to your advisors- go to all the annoying sessions they hold. Really talk with visiting college representatives. Go to college fairs. Never give up because it is too much effort. It may seem overwhelming now, especially when you have filled out dozens od scholarship applications and never seem to hear anything back, but it really is worht it. Try and keep yourself organized. Set aside a certain time each week to look at colleges and apply for scholarships, and keep a notebook or a word file documenting everything. Trust me, it will make things much easier in the long run. Just remember, college is the first big thing that is up to you- make it what you want it to be.


I would tell myself to be confident and self-disciplined. College really isn't as big and scary as you think. You are not the only freshman starting in a new school. It is a time to make friends and start new experiences while moving on in your education. Never give up on your goals because you know you can succeed in what ever you do. The transition may be hard when moving into a small room and sharing it with a roommate, but you will make plenty of great memories with that roommate. Making friends will be a great experience and they will be some of the people to remain in your life for a very long time. Your family is very proud of you and they will always support you through your decisions. Finally, try to engage in as many activities and clubs as possible while you are in college. The next four years of your life will be great and unforgettable. The college life may be stressful at times, but you will get through those hards times and move on into bigger and better things.


The senior Jackie made some mistakes that could have been avoided if she would have known what I know now. She should have decided what school she wanted to attended by the end of her senior year. Changing schools so much left me with the worst classes when I signed up for orientation. The worst classes with the poorest teachers left me with a poor grade point average. Although college is easy to adjust to if you make friends easy, it?s also easy to spend your money fast. I should have started seriously saving my money my junior year of high school. I wouldn?t be so worried about money all the time if I would have made that simple start. Other than those two issues that are constantly weighing on my mind, I think the senior Jackie and I prepared rather well.


When making a college decision, I would say the most important piece of advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to have multiple reasons why you think one school would be a good fit for you. If you rush into a decision just to be one of those kids who gets their acceptance letter in fall or winter instead of late spring, you may have overlooked some key factors that you will later learn to be very important in how you transition into college life. I rushed into a decision to attend college, and I regretted it and ended up transfering to another university for the spring semester. To anyone who is looking at making a college decision, take your time. The more thought and effort you put into your final decision will just make your college experience that much more enjoyable.


The first piece of advice I give to you, Amanda the high school senior, is to immerse yourself as fully as you can in the college community. By this I mean get involved, whether that be in various student organizations, study groups with fellow students, or that impromptu volleyball game that?s occurring right next to your dorm. College is really the one of the only times where you?ll experience a community such as this, so dive in! The second piece of advice I?m going to give you is to be used in direct correlation with the first. It is as follows: go to class. Of course, this may seem so simple to you now, but trust me, when you find out just how much there is to do in this crazy college community, you may be tempted to hit the snooze button all the way through your first class and play basketball through your second. But imagine that every time you go to class, you pay part of your tuition up front and every time you elect to skip class, you still have to pay that cost. Starts to look pretty wasteful to skip, doesn?t it?


If I could go back in time, the first thing I would say is to relax. Things went much more smoothly once I relaxed and got into a routine. The second thing I would say is to stay on top of all your readings, especially in Chemistry. Chemistry wasn't your thing in high school so you have to stay on top of the homework in college. Another thing would be to ask for a little more help from professors, they explain things well in class but the moment you leave the room it's as if some of the things they said didn't really make as much sense as you thought. The last thing I would say is try to be more outgoing. Be willing to meet new people and make new friends. It might seem hard at first, but once you start putting yourself out there it will get easier, I promise.


I had a fairly easy transition to college life. However, I would tell myself to save up as much money as possible because it becomes very scarce in college. I would tell myself to keep in touch will all my friends back home through emails and phone calls and keep updated on their lives. I would tell myself to go to any activities going on around campus and meet as many people as possible. I would also tell myself to not burn bridges because college can get lonely and it helps to have as many friends there for you as possible.