University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is that it creates a moment when a high school steps onto this campus for the first time during a tour. I had this moment. This moment feels like home. UWSP makes every person feel at home and comfertable in their surroundings. When I was on my tour I didn't feel like I was on a tour. I felt as though I was walking the paths that I had always walked, even though I hadn't before. UWSP feels like home.


The academics are the best thing about school because all the professors I have collaberated with are willing to work with me and help me understand the material when I need help. Most of the professors are very approachable.


How quickly the staff responds to our needs. They are extremely responsive and put our own needs before their own.


The best thing about University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the diversity and their environmental-friendly campus. The degree of majors here is great ranging from many natural resource majors to the fine arts so there is a lot of different people you get to meet and become friends with. The environmental-friendly campus is awesome because we are trying to help the environment out and learn about what our global footprint is and how it impacts the areas around us. It's very eye-opening and they let us try to solve these issues ourselves.


UWSP is midsized so professors are accessible but it is big enough for some diversity in te professors, students, and opportunities offered.


What I instantly fell in love with and still do love was the small-town feel but the seemingly neverending list of things to do that one can choose from so long as they bother to look for them. This is true in classes as well as outside of them. I have never had a professor that was not willing to help and was not genuinely interested in helping me with my goals. I have had multiple conversations outside of class with many of my professors, especially those in my department.


The best thing about my school is that it's a smaller community compared to most schools. Students are able to interact and become acquainted with the teachers. My school is large enough to have a variety of options but it's also small enough to have more one on one communication and that I feel is necessary for learning.


The best thing about UWSP has to be the classes and teachers. Even though some of the topics can seem a little boring at times, the teachers and professors truly make each class enjoyable and fun while still giving us the information we need to succeed. I also enjoy the variety of the classes and how even the basic introductory classes are exciting and interesting.


I consider UW-Stevens Point's environmentally conscious atmosphere to be the best thing about it. Not only does it have a multitude of classes focusing on the environment and how to care for it; there is also a large nature reserve on campus for anyone in the campus or public community to enjoy. I am not a Natural Resources or Biology major, like most students on campus, but I still appreciate breathing the fresh air wherever I go in Stevens Point.


In my opinion, the best thing here at UWSP is our commitment to the environment and to finding more environmentally-friendly methods and approaches to the things we do on campus and in the community. There is huge focus on this in our classes and the majority of students major in subjects relating to the environment and the management of natural resources. We are even fortunate enough to have a nature reserve right here on campus to conduct research in as well as to enjoy after a long day of studying!


The best thing about Stevens Point is the fact that the professors actually care about the students and want them to succed in their majors. It is nice to feel that sense of security in a public university. Not many universities can offer that same security.


I have learned that the residence halls are the places where every student, regardless of their background, can feel comfortable and welcomed. Since being involved in the residence halls, I have better awareness towards recycling. Recycling is a big deal in the halls and I have learned how to properly recycle my materials. Furthermore, the residence hall community promotes opportunities for us students to interact with eachother in a more meaningful manner in order to gain a greater respect for individual differences and our academic careers. The residence hall community is the best thing in my school.


The best thing about my high school is the amount of success we have seen from both the students' and the teachers' effort. While I was at the high school our basketball, track and field, dance, and tennis teams went to state at least one of the four years. We also had a really successful music department with several students who will be pursuing a bachelor degree in music. This is what makes high school a great experience. Watching our school succeed makes it so much more enjoyable, gets students motivated to try new activities, and get involved.


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point has helping people. Having people there for me and willing to help is one great advance in learning more.


We're the Wellness campus. We're in-shape and HOT! Our Sciences are stong and our professors are genuises.


The Atmosphere, its the perfect size and there is always somewhere to go to find qiet or to find fun.


The students and the sports. It brings everybody together. The sports teams are very successful and it brings joy to the university to see them succeed. The students are very involved with that and other activities. It is really great to see.


The small tight-knit community is the best part of UW-Stevens Point. Our strong community allows us to rely on each other yet still have room to grow in our professions and our daily lives. Having the close community around me makes me feel supported and appreciated by the faculty and my peers.


Nice campus. Small class size.


Studing abroad because it has shaped my life today and how I live my life and I view today' s world


I would have to say the best thing about my school is the people. Everybody is very friendly here and it was very easy to make friends and get involved with campus activities.


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is constantly growing. The facilities keep getting better, and expanding your mind is extremely important.


It's the best Theatre department in the UW system


Atmosphere, social life


Stevens Point does an excellent job supporting all dimensions of wellness. They stress how important it is to make balanced and healthy choices as well form respectable relationships with peers and the environment. I think this is very important because students here are so busy with school, work, and personal issues that it's easy for them to forget to take care of themselves, and this emphasis helps reminds students that there is more to life than receiving the perfect grades. Stevens Point goes above and beyond educating students; it promotes a postive transition to adulthood.


The College of Natural Resources it is the best college in the MidWest and has a wide oray of people, as a woman going into natural resources it is tough UWSP CNR prepares me.


It's laid back and the professors are as well. The atmosphere on campus is not intimidating and it's very welcoming.


I consider the Education program to be the best thing about my school because it is extremely competitive to get into the program and once you are accepted you work with only the best of the best Professors who teach you not by lecturing at you but through the experiences they have had first hand. Not only is the State of Wisconsin known for their quality education standards, but the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is one of the top Universities when it comes to providing driven, experienced, and determined teachers for the students of the future.