University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UW-Stout is most known for their focus on hands-on learning, along with required internships for most majors.


Stout is best known for it's school of art and design. I'm a part of the school of art and design and it is really phenomonal.


University of Wisconsin Stout is best known for being a poly-technic university. It is a school known to have possibly the widest variety of students in the state, due to it's broad range of majors. University of Wisconsin Stout is known for being hands-on and letting it's students be creative. It is also known for being very connected with businesses who tend to hire students when they graduate. Stout is great with helping students find careers they want to be in after they graduate.


In the past, party-school. Currently: one of the first recipients of the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award (and a continuing drive to improve the value of the product, in this case the student and their education).


drinking, when in dought go to stout, parties, polytech school, great job placement and majors that are offered very few other places like packaging.


The University of Wisconsin Stout is best known for being a polytechnic university. There are many varied programs to choose from, such as Interior Design, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Dietetics; almost anyone can find a home there. It is also known for its small campus, allowing students to be in close contact with the professors. What most individuals know about Stout, or should know, is that it has a very "hands-on" approach in teaching students. Nearly every graduate will leave UW Stout with field experience and confidence in starting a new career.


UW-Stout is know for its great business program and their design program. They are also known for having a great placement rate and being a very hands on school.


My school is best know for getting people out into the workforce right after college.


UW-Stout has notable programs that rank very high nationally. Technical Communications, Business Marketing and Construction majors are among the top-notch learning that the university has to offer.


Stout is best know for its Art program. More so in Graphic Design.


Art majors, Food related majors, and engeer majors.


When in doubt go to Stout


Stout is a very liberal campus. People have the freedom to be who they want to be and how they want to express it. We are also very much known for our ability to bringe drink. There is always a party going on at Stout! When in doubt go to Stout! Drink drink drink your way out!


Partys...and education as a major


The friendly home- like atmosphere. It is a home away from home.


The school is best known for ecellent placement in almost all programs. They are very hands on with learning and all the professors work really well with students.