University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag about my school, it's often about the organizations available. The system the school has for clubs is well established, and if you somehow don't find the right club/organization for you, it's super simple to start a new one based off of something you enjoy. All you need is a few friends and to put in all your paperwork.


About the Psychology teachers who are deeply invested in providing students with research and how I had the opportunity to work in a research community called CNERVE started by them.


UW-Stout gives all students a laptop that has all of the programs and software you will need for classes. They also allow you to rent out textbooks so you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars every semester on books. Another perk is that the meal plan is able to rollover to each semester/year of school so if you don't use it, you don't lose it! Stout has a lot of great financial perks.


The professors here are very nice and easy to get along with! If you ever have questions they are more than willing to help you out. I have yet to have a professor I do not like. Not only are the willing to help you when you need that extra push, they also make class entertaing while actually teaching you something. Overall, they are great!


It is a very artistic and accepting school.


The Greek program here is great, so I would have to say I brag about my experience in my sorority.


The employment rate is verry hight in all mjors.


It's very hands on, I learn more by applying real life situations than memorizing vocab and facts that will not apply in the real world.


I love to tell them about the AMAZING music on campus all the time, and i love to brag about how cheap it is for the quality ofeducaion recieved.


I tend to brag the most about the professors teaching at my university. They are always willing to help and encourage the students to think for themselves and challenge their minds. I also talk about the beautiful campus and the small class size. This enables us to better get to know each other and our teachers.


The good professors and amazing friends I've made, and my fraternity


The teachers here seem very interested in the education of their students, and the use of computer tech is very up to date here.


My courses. And the professors I have. Many are world known.


How friendly everyone is. The people are wonderful!


I brag about how we do not have to pay for text books.


That i know all my professors and they know my name. The Professors are always willing to help.


Our ability to drinking.


It is the right distance from home and is a completely wireless campus.


The funny stuff that happens.


I really enjoy my field of study and have a variety of excellent professors.