University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school would be the size of the town. I love the school, but the town is small and the biggest store here is a Walmart. There is no mall which is okay by me. I like going to Eau Claire if I am in dire need of something specific.


That it is pretty isolated--the town is very small and it is a good half hour to an hour's drive to the next big city, depending on which one you go to. Most people go home on weekends, so there is very little activity on campus at that time.


This question is very difficult due to the fact that I love so many aspects of UW-Stout. The worst thing about it though, does not deal with the programs, curriculums, nor the teachers, but the location. The University of Wisconsin-Stout is in a very isolated town in northern Wisconsin. Therefore, there are limited things for college students to do around town, and it is much colder there than campuses further south. Most days and nights, the ghost town is not a problem because between classes and studying, I have no time for "fun."


The requirement of living in residence halls for the first two years of school is what I least like about UW-Stout. I feel as though, as an adult, I am ready to live on my own.


The worst thing about my school is the service I get when I enter the Registration and Records office. I don't feel welcomed and the employees act rudely.


the lake


A major focus outside the classroom is partying and drinking...little other interests are shown by majority of students atttending UW Stout


It is a small town, there is not much to do on the weekends besides party or go to sporting events.


The worst thing about UW-Stout is its location. There is not much to do in Menomonie and all that there is to do is located on the other side of Lake Menomin about 2 miles from campus.


Residence halls are required the first two years you attend. I think that this is for controle and not very helpful. Quiet hours are good because most students are uneffected. However, some students, myself included, follow a later more night orented lifestyle and have to worry about being told to be quiet. Because we live with so many people this is a good policy but living off campus allows for more freedom to do what we want and be more comfortable doing activities like playing the guitar or watching tv at late hours.


The worst thing about UW-Stout would be how little there is to do around town. The nearest larger city is about twenty minutes away where there is alot to do for fun and the Twin Cities are about an hour away and there is alot to do there also. Also alot of students go home on the weekends and there is very little to do when people are not here to do things with.


I dont really think any thing is bad at UW-Stout. The only thing that i wish waas different was the gym i wish it was bigger and had more equipment.


I would have to say the worst thing is that it is kind of small, so a lot of people go home on the weekends. However there are things to do on the weekend, you just have to find them and the Twin Cities and Eau Claire are not far away.


The location of the campus


All of the projects because I thought there would be less of it.


The worse thing about my school is having to walk from class to class int he snow. It can get really cold up there and very snowy. Very pretty but difficult to walk at times.


must live on campus as freshman, and cold weather.


Walking to class in the cold winters.