University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants a hands-on learning experience and doesn't just want to sit in a lecture hall. Someone who enjoys personal interactions with professors and wants to engage in their education.


I would reccomend Stout to any students who are self motivated and driven. The professors will do thier best to educate you, but it's a two way street. Also, anyone who wants a good sense of community in their school should attend Stout. There are many opportunities, no matter what a student's interests are, to find a space for them to feel accepted and involved.


Those who are willing to work hard and know how to have fun.


Students who are creative and have a unique perspective on things . They should be hardworking and willing to learn as much as possible. They should be excited about furthering their education, by gaining the skills they need to start their career.


The University of Stout is a polytechnic school. Polytechnic schools focus more on hands-on activities then they do on getting your information from books and listening to lectures. Don't get me wrong, books and lectures are part of your class but they are not an everyday feature. Stout is a school for students who learn by doing. They explain and inform you about a topic but then supply with they supplies and technology to demonstrate the knowledge that was just given to you. Stout is a school for those who want to try thing not just learn them.


The kind of person that should attend UW-Stout is one who wants to gain applicable industry knowledge as well as many leadership opportunities to get involved in.


Someone looking for small classroom teach/student ratio.


The kind of person who should attend this school doesn't need to be any specific type. As long as the attendee is open-minded, willing to put forth their best effort and is ready to be active around the campus, they will be successful.


The type of people that should attend Stout are people who are really hands-on learners. At Stout we do many group activities and are really involved in groups, sports, and/or organizations. Stout is a career-focused college. You learn a lot about your career starting from the first semester you begin. Also, you attend many career fairs and are able to discuss career possiblities with a variety of companies.


Someone who can separate "partying" from school.


People who love interactive and engaging classes as well as hands on demostrations and real life examples should attend Stout. Those who want to get the best training they can so they feel truly prepared to be in a real job in their career field.


Anyone can attend this school. They just have to make sure that they are willing to work hard to get good grades. Teachers expect a lot from you; you're not in high school anymore. If you work hard and don't procrastinate you can get good grades and still have fun on weekends with the many friends you will make on campus.


People should attend Stout if they learn best with hands on activity. Small class sizes. Good relationships with professors. Professors care about students.


friendly, social, out-of-the-box people with inovative ideas, and those who are not afriad of technology and the direction it is taking.


People who like small, mid-west towns, and people who want small class sizes. UW-STOUT is for students who like hands-on classes, and a small town atmosphere.


A person that would appreciate a higher education.


The University of Wisconsin- Stout has a very good art program. Any students looking to go into anything to do with art ( interior design, graphic desgin, etc.) should look into this school. It is also very unknown that there is an area of study for Event Coordinating. That is the major I am in and nobody seems to know that it exists.


someone who wants to balance their social and acemdemic life and still have a great career in the end


Those that visit and feel they could fit in - pretty much anyone looking for something not too big.


It is a good teachers college. They also have a very good applied science program. I believe they have 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement for that program and you need to do an internship before graduation so they make you get experience :)


A career focused individual who is looking for a strong social atmosphere. A work hard, play hard attitude and work ethic.