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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give advice to myself about taking AP credits, because credits are expensive in college. I have the first year of college paid for - and the rest is going to be from loans. I took a lot of classes in high school that I was intereseted in, but not necessarily ones that gave me credit for college which was pretty tough. What I am happy is of my choices in high school is when I took business and marketing classes that are really helping me out right now. I would give advice to other students to take ACT prep and to take the exam seriously.


UW-Stout is a good choice for a school you can afford. Definitely make sure you take part in more activities on campus and get involved. Live on, or as close to campus for as long as possible to make this possible.


As I started college, I simply assumed that my new life would probably be just as busy as my high-school life. I made my plans according to that notion, which included a 17-credit classload and 12-hour workweeks. I decided that I wanted to devote the majority of my time my studies and to paying for college. Sure enough, I was extremely busy; but I was not getting very much out of college life. I was not involved in any extracurriculars and I did not have very many friends. If I could give my high-school Senior self advice about starting college, I would tell myself to "start small. Don't simply take on large loads because you think you will need to be busy in order to succeed with your academics. Take your first semester to get acclamated with your new life and to gauge what you can handle. Also, make sure that you actually spend some time away from your studies and do things that you enjoy! Join a club or go to an event. Spending a little time socializing after a long day can be reinvigorating and will usually make you even more productive."


Stick with UW Stout, it is a great school, but search harder for financial aid, it may be a lower cost school but it is still very expensive.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would focus on reassuring myself that all of the pieces were going to fall into place - with everything. The problems I had with my divorced parents would turn into strong relationships, the relationships I had with my friends weren't going to disappear like I thought they were going to. I would make sure to tell myself that even through the hard times I need to stay strong and keep my chin up - there's a sunny day ahead. I would say to hold tight to your knowledge and make your schedule busy, because that's how you know you function best. I've found out, without knowing all this as a high school senior, that it gets tough. Yet, it's do-able. Without knowing it, I've survived. And I will survive. It's about living with no regrets and no fear that anything can tear you down. Life is made to challenge you, to test and to try you. But it will never break you completely.


There’s so much I would have loved to know, most of all I wish I knew how much challenging and applying myself would have paid off. Many of the classes I took in high school were exceptionally easy. The material wasn’t challenging it just came in enormous quantities. I wasn’t the kind of person that chose easy classes for the purpose of having a relaxing time; I took quite a few honors and AP courses. What I really should have done is put more time into my schoolwork and less time working or socializing. I’ve come to understand the importance of really challenging my limits, and how that can lead to growth and self-actualization. Many peers in High School recommended easy courses solely because they didn’t need to apply themselves, and it was lazy. If you’re offered free public schooling, you are obligated to make the most of it. A message Grade school administrators tried passing on, but many students didn’t listen. If I could go back to my High School self I would I would tell him my experiences and struggles. Knowing what it could do, I would have worked harder.


I would tell myself to remain true to herself no matter what, but not to be afraid to try new things and reach out. There will be so many opportunities and new experiences, it wil be overwhelming and it will feel as if you are no longer sure who you are. I would tell her not to worry, since that is part of moving on from one chapter of life to another. I would also tell her there are going to be moments of loneliness and boredom. It's not all excitement and adventure. I would tell her to take it one day at a time, and to not get too hung up on one person or one event, since there are so many other people and other things to do. I would tell her to stay kind, stay hopeful, and stay humble. I would tell her I got this far, and she will too.


Knowing now what I didnt know back in high school, I would have told my high school-self not to get lost in the obsession with graduating from a big 4-year university, but rather to get a 2 year degree and then find the right university for me. I found out the hard way and went from one 4-year university right after high school to another 4-year university the next year to a smaller 2-year community college my third year of college. Once i graduate I will have taken 5 years of schooling to pursue an associates degree. I would advise that my younger self not get so lost in worrying about the finances, and focus more on school in the first years while I was still being supported by my family so I could get more done during that time. I would also make a point to tell my high school self to not worry about what's next or worry about the future. Life is more enjoyable when you aren't planning every minute of your life out, and you'll tend to enjoy it more too.


If I could go back to the beginning of senior year in high school I would tell myself not to get senioritis. The first semester felt like every other one before it but when it came to semester two my motivation declined greatly. I’m not sure why but my mind just decided I was ready to be done with school. I had to really focus towards the end to maintain my 3.8 GPA. I think I would also tell myself to not let things stress me out so much. Applying to college, preparing for graduation, and keeping up with my course work took its toll on my stress level. I would tell myself to work hard but still take time to relax and not get caught up in the drama of life.


Don't worry about gettin scared before you leave home. If you are living in the residence halls it is really easy to find friends, and that is what makes it fun. And don't worry about not seeing your family and friends from home as much, because there are plenty of breaks from school and opportunities to go home on the weekends.


By the time I had reached my senior year of high school, I was a walking label of every bad name I had ever been called by my peers. I was miserable, encased in self-loathing, and firmly convinced that I would never allow myself to continue my education at college. I was afraid that if I did, the bullying I had endured for twelve years would continue. I remained true to that fear for six years. If I, as my current self, had the opportunity to go back in time without causing irreparable damage to the continuum and speak to my seventeen year old self, I would tell her that where she is in her emotional state is okay. I would tell her that it’s okay to be angry because people were mean and cruel, and that it’s okay to take the time she needs to overcome her deeply ingrained fear of people before considering college. I would tell her that if she plunged herself into college before she was ready for it, that it would not fare well – but if she was patient with herself and allowed herself to heal, everything would end up being okay.


I would honestly find myself saying "Kisha its easier than you think"! I was so scared that I would not have enough time to do everything and get all that I needed done. It was so simple i did everything online I wish I would have did this sooner. I would tell myself how helpful the staff was and how they wanted me to pass not just for the grades but they really want better for me. How if i have any questions or if i need something the staff is able to help me day and night. I would tell me to go for it not to waste another moment.


If I could be someone else and talk to myself as a high school student I would tell myself to stay focus get good grades and pay attention in class and pass them because my grades will effect my in college ill have to retake anything I didn't do great in high schoo such as basic math and chemistry. Life is what you make it, if you start off on and good note and continue to do good at the end it will all pay off, you only get what you put into something.


Stay in school.


Stop worrying! You don't have to have your whole future planned out yet. As long as you work your hardest, have fun, and you're kind to others, everything will fall into place. Don't spend some of the most exciting years of your life worrying about the little things, just enjoy the good and the bad that comes with this amazing experience in life.


As a highschool senior, I was stressed out about everything. It scared me that college was so close and i would be away from home. It was also a huge worry to type essays for college and go on tours and figure out what major i wanted. Now that i have experienced the college life, i would go back and tell myself not to worry so much. I would say that the school I chose for myself was the perfect one and that everything ends up ok. I would also tell myself that I need to relax a little and take a little bit more time to enjoy the whole process of moving away and not worry about it so much. Everything ends up ok in the end.


Believe in yourself. Those are the first three words that would come out of my mouth if I had the opportunity to go back and talk to my high school senior self. The next ones would be just as challenging; do not let anyone make you doubt yourself and your abilities. I think something I truly could have learned before I started college was to believe I was in the right spot, to be myself, and show my family, friends, and most importantly, myself, that I can shine, and I do not have to be afraid of my future, because it will be what I make it. I would also remind geeky insecure Morgan that people change in short spans of time, and although her family loves her and misses her, they will learn to adapt and live without her. I would stress the importance of good academic standing and getting involved with anything she ever wanted to try! I would remind her of a very important prayer I hold dear to myself now; God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.


If I could go back and talk to my High School self, I would tell me that I really need to work hard now to help make college easier. Having a great work ethic is so important, and you find that out early in college. You really need to be on top of your game here, so knowing that, I would have worked harder instead of slacking off. Hard work really pays off, especially when you not only get your report card back, but when you can remember the information two years later. My sophmore and Junior year, I toured many colleges and each admissions office adviser told me to start early and sign up for scholarships. I let that slide and didn't sign up for any, which was a mistake. If I could go back I would sign up for more, because I wasn't so busy back then. I'd also tell myself to embrace those four years, because they will go faster than you think...and before you know it you are all grown up.


As long as you believe and willing to give one hundred percent, then anything is possible in college and in life.


To attempt to live off campus, and that it is stressful, but can be accomplished.


Going back to my senior year of high school the advice I would give myself about transitioning into college I would say be ready for the culture shook going to a school in wisconsin your not going to see that many African Americans at your school. I would also say get a job because being a college a student you are broke most of the time if your not working and it;s hard to really do much at your school if your pockets are empty. Another good thing I would say to my senior self is read a lot more and sometimes read a head in chapters because it could really help in the long run going forward. The last thing I would say to myself would be college is not like high school teachers dont care if you dont go to class because your paying for your education now and your only going to hurt yourself by missing class and missing one day of classes is like missing a week in high school so think of that.


I would tell myself to be careful of the people you surround yourself with and remind myself that you choose your own friends. There is a lot of peer pressure that comes with making friends at that age, and as long as you don't give in to the peer pressure you will end up with the right crowd. It is easy to make friends, and as long as you are friendly and honest they will find you. People want to be around others who are positive and fun, so stay true to your self and the rest will work its way out. I would also tell myself to not worry about planning the future because the future is always changing. Enjoy this time in college because it is a time meant to find yourself and it is the best time to push yourself to try new experiences!


I could've used advice back then because I made the mistake of following an ex-boyfriend to the school of his dreams. Needless to say that relationship didn't work out and I was stuck attending a school for all the wrong reasons. Don't get me wrong Stout is a good college but I soon came to realize that I wasn't in the major that mirrored my life goals. Education is a fine profession but it is not the life path I want to take. After some deep thinking about my life goals I came to realize I really want to work with sports organizations and I am good with people and organizing. That is how I came up with the plan to major in Mass Communications with Public Relations emphasis and that is at UW Eau Claire so I will be transferring there next fall. Once I complete that degree I plan to get my masters in Sports Management. So to sum that up l, if I could give the high school me one piece of advice it would be to follow my own dreams, don't go or do something because or for someone else.


The advice I would give my self is to make sure I keep in touch with friends and family back home. I would also tell myself to find a part time job or work during the summer and save alot of money. Some other things I would say is to be involved with the school. This is because you can meet so many new and different people. If you join a club or team, you will make friends that will last a life time!!


I would have told myself to be more prepared to leave for college. I would have told myself if I was not ready to be away from home, that it would be better to attend a community college. They have prepared me better for college than my highschool did.


Work hard and never give up.


My advice for myself would be; "go for it, it's my future and make a difference". This would be my advice because its a life time experience that could make a change in my future and a difference for myself. There are so many things that I am able to learn from college. It will pay off at the end when I graduate. I will be able to help my own community, myself, and my family in the future. I will be able to make a better and brighter future with the college experience.


I have met so many different people in college and I think it is important to meet people who think differently than you. When you do this you may see things in a different perspective. It is one of the easiest ways to learn and I think it is one of the most valuable aspect of attending college. For Instance, I'm from a relatively small town and almost all my friends and I thought similarly about most topics. If I didn't go to school that would be all that I knew. I'm glad I decided to go and hope anyone the same experience I'm having.


I have learn the basic student success outline. I learn that being a successful studennt is very easy and it can get harder as you go. I have been under the oppression when I go to College it would be like high school and I found out that it was nothing like high school. By me saying this, is that as I went on more into the college life. I have faced very difficult situations like, working and maintaining my class work/ homework. As I completed my college Success course, now I have develop the mind of taking on more responsibility. I have also learn that in college their is only you and your major that you are trying to reach. I learn that you can not depend on someone else work and answers, you have to trust your own. The most important thing I learn in College is that I'm one step closer to my goals and dreams. When I say one step closer, I mean now that we are out of daycare-(high scool) we are now in the real world. If we can just apply ourselves in doing what is nessacery to become who we want .


I just completed my first semester of college and it was really a changing expeirence. I had to take classes that I had never taken before and was taught many new things. I learned how to give speeeches in front of an auidence,researsch topics and was taught new ways of how to study. Being four hours away from everthing I grew up with and without a car, really let me find out who I really was. I feel more grown up that I don't have anyone making decisions for me, but me personally taking situations into my own hands and how to deal with stress. Not only have I learned many things academicly, but I've met new people through being apart of my track team. My college experience has been of value because it has made me very independent and resourceful. The knowledge and skills that I will gain will help Ime in the future as I start my career.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have gained knowledge and experience in my field of study. I have gained leadership skills in the organizations that I have lead and been in. I have learned from other students and staff about the real world and what is expected of me. I have also made life-long friends. I have gotten the experience of a life-time, and found out who I am and what I want to do for my future. I think the reason why it is valuable to attend college is because it changes you for the better. It shapes who you will be in the future and teaches you things that you would have never known if you didn't attend. It gives you knowledge of things that you need to know for your career. Attending college is valuable because it teaches you more than class work, it teaches you how to manage your own time, learn how to be independent, and find yourself. It gives you the chance to find what you like best, what you're good at, and experiement the different things you can learn and do for your future.


At my school I have had the pleasure of meeting new people; professors and peers and members of the community all. Though I am a non-traditional student and I have bounced from school to school throughout the past few years, at my current university I found the right fit for me. And if the satisfaction of those who I have made the acquaintance of is any indicator, I am not alone in this feeling. I think that one of the most important lessons I have picked up is that everyone one meets is going through some sort of difficulty or has had problems that are complex and difficult to solve. Noone should be underestimated. If an education is what prepares you for the future then it must certainly also prepare one for working in the service of others. University of Wisconsin -Stout has been there to prepare me and given me chances. Chances and opportunities like setting high goals for myself and pursuing them in academics, extra-curricular activities, long-lasting personal relationships and more. I'm proud to be a representative of UW-Stout and a product of the quality education system of the United States of America.


My college experience so far has taught me to be open minded and embrace diversity. I am learning to sharpen my mental tools and be prepared for anything that comes my way. College has been valuable to me because it is allowing me to get the education and training that I need to make a better life for myself and my young daughter. It is giving me confidence in my abilities to do well at whatever career I choose to pursue. I have met interesting people and had intelligent conversations that I would not have the opportunity to participate in, and I have joined in community activities that I never would even have known about if it were not for college. College is giving me skills I will need when I join the work community, such as working in a team, public speaking, following directions and meeting deadlines. I am learning to not only work well under pressure, but to thrive under it. As a young person, I could not see the value of this experience, but as an adult, my eyes are wide open to the possibilities that I have opened up for myself by continuing my education.


I have learned to be independent, and also reach for my dreams. I am really working hard to go to the four year college of my dreams, and I hope that I can do so in the spring, possibly the fall. It has been valuable to attend this school becuase it has been an excellent stepping stone in learning to grow as a person and also to be responsible for myself. I want to move on and succeed and give back to the YMCA, which was a huge influence on me in my lifetime. The next step is affording it. Springfield College is a prestigious YMCA school, and all I need is the money in order to do it. I want to be able to succeed and reach my dreams.


I have gotten so many things out of going here but I am going to keep things short and sweet and bring it down to few words that can describe my experience here. Friendships Networking Power Leadership opportunities Job opportunities Expand my knowledge of what I know and learn about new things I have not learned. The list goes on and on. Come out take a visit and you will see for yourself what stout can do for you!


What I have gotten out of my college experience is responsibility is the keyword. Attending college is a big step and it prepares you for your next school and the outside world. Out of my college experience I have seen how certain schools will help you along the way and how some may not. My college experience teaches me to take reponsibility for my own actions because nobody controls you but you. Also, when it comes to going to class because some classes could be held at the "crack of dawn" but having a schedule and disciplining yourself to go to sleep at certain times shows that you are taking responsibility and that you care about your academics. Attending college has been valuable to me because I have accomplished alot through all my struggles . I was the first of my familyto graduate high school and will make history when I graduate college in December. It's valuable to me because attending college is something very constructive and i'm doing it all on my own having to apply for loans but I love school and my degrees will bring me big money once I get out into the real world.


My college experience so far has made me develop some of the closest relationships I didn't know was possible. Not only do I mean friends but also networking acquaintances, which is critical for finding a job after college. Attending college has given me hands on experience that I will be using for the rest of my life. I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't made the decision to go to college.


In college you're very independant and in order to get help you have to ask otherwise the teachers won't know if you actually need help. The experience has been very valuable so far because it has taught me responsibility and organization.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. Not only have I learned a lot from my classes and college professors, but I also learned life lessons, how to be more responsible, how to be independent, how to better manage my money, and how to prioritize my time. College if it is meant for you is a great place to start learning so many things about life, and as you begin to become more mature and you find out more about who you really are. Education is important, but learning how to become an independent productive member of soceity is something I value much more. I have started to grow up as a true "adult", I know what is most important in my life and that is something to value over any knowlege from any book.


I would tell myself to always be open to new experiences, but to still follow my personal morals and values. I should make sure to set aside the time to meet new people and have new experiences, but at the same time still focus on my major. Attending college will help me find myself and develop more as a person. Also, to remember that furthering my education will help me get closer to accomplishing my dream of becoming a fashion designer. And later on ,to open my own boutique. I need to always work hard and stay focused on my dream.


I'd have to say what I'd tell myself is that you have to work hard but don't stress yourself out. As long as you try your hardest your grades will follow suite. Stressing yourself out constantly just isn't worth it. It affects your health and that can certainly have a negative affect on your grades. Enjoy what your doing and try your hardest, that's the key to getting the most out of college.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would be able to give myself a lot of great advice! First of all, I will admit that I was very unsure of what I would be doing in college; I was indecisive of which major to declare, and for that matter, which school to attend. There was a multitude of issues concerning me, such as living in the dormitories, getting along with my roommate, what classes to take, etc. Now, having experienced my first semester of college, all those feelings of uncertainty seem worlds away. I could tell myself that living in the dorms is one of the best aspects about attending a university. There are hundreds of other people to meet, and friendships to gain. I would let my old self know that having a roommate will be fun; after all, they are the first friend you make! Finally, I could say that not you do not have to have your entire future planned out just to attend college. There is a wealth of opportunities waiting to be discovered, you just have to start with figuring out what your interests are and the rest is history.


College is a big transition for high school. You go from having your parents right there beside you to miles away. You don't have adults on your case about going to school and keeping your grades up, it's all up to you. In college it's your responability to atain everything. If I could go back and time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would inform myself about a lot of things. As a freashman you do want to go out and meet many new people, and partying isn't a way to do it. It may seem fun at the time, but it can result in fines, having your grades drop in classes because you either skipped a class or didn't do the work, and even could end up getting you kicked off the campus. Another thing I would inform myself about is studying. In high school, I never had to study for anything, it just came to me. Well college isn't like that, I went from studying maybe 2 hours aweek to 18 and it was a hard transition.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to relax and not worry so much about how I will like my college or keep second guessing my choice of school. In the end you make up how much you like the college. If you just were to stay in your dorm room and not interract with people, your college expierence will be less exciting than if you were to get out, join campus activities and interract with other college students. I would also tell myself to have as much fun in high school as you can because you will most likely not be seeing many of your good friends for a long period of time.


If I could go back in time I would most likely tell myself not to be afraid to let people get close to me. I am not an overly sentimental person; I am not cold or anything I just tend to keep to myself when it comes to my inner thoughts and feelings. I love to be around people and laugh and play, but I found that people want more than just a funny guy around all the time. People want someone to confide in and for someone to confide in them. Half-way through the semester I realized that I had a lot of acquaintances, but I did not have anyone I really trusted with things that were happening in my personal life. I finally learned how to open up to people and now I have a group of people that I would trust with my life, but it took me a while to get to that point. I really wish I would have learned how to do this earlier in life not just in my senior year. I never really knew friendships could be so strong, but I'm glad that I am not missing out anymore.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure that I was more involved in activities at school. I have found that it is not only important to achieve good grades, but it is as important to be involved in other activities as well. It not only helps you to become a more rounded person, but is give you a definite feeling of gratification. I think that this would have helped me out greatly, because it has taken me over a year to become involved in more things than class and work. I have joined clubs on campus and also participated in volunteer work. I think that another piece of advice that I would have to give myself is that no matter how much is one you plate, just always strive to do your best, and you will eventually reach your goals.


With the knowledge that I know now, if I could go back in time and advice myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to spend more time with the focus on studying. As a high school student the grades came to me without much effort, which resulted in my lack of good study skills. This lack caused me many sleepless nights as I stressed over how to get the needed knowledge into my brain and then be able to spit it out when needed. I would also tell myself that there is no hurry when it comes to getting through school. There is no need to work yourself to the point of exhaustion. Take time to enjoy the college experience and to enjoy each class along the way.


They only thing I would tell myself is "get ready for a good time and a learning experience".


pay more attention and try harder because if you try harder in the begging it will be easier as you go on


I would tell myself to work harder on school assignments in order to prepare for college, and learn to study efficiently. I would want to try to connect with people before entering college, though networking sites and meeting up with people in my major right away when entering college. I would try to break out of my sheltered shell that I had growing up and try to understand the college life far before entering, preparing myself for the new environments. I wasn't ready to be thrown into a new place without family and friends from back home. I would have gone and visited more schools to get a feel for what to expect.