University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the instructors. I was worried, coming from a small town, with friendly teachers, my college professors would be distant or uncaring, but that is fortunately not true. All of the professors I have had, or have just met, have done thier best to help me, as well as all thier other students to achive their full potential. They push their students to give their best effort in everything they do, as well as being available to listen and learn from their students as well.


My school has a small campus therefore there are not too many people that go to school there. Rather than that of a larger school, I feel like I have more of a personal relationship with my professors. Since my classes are not very large, my professors knows students by their names. Also, in the classroom we have a lot of group activity which makes us work together, but also independently by coming up with our own ideas.


i love all of the people here they all are very nice adn more than willing to help in any situation


The size, how it feels more like a small community, or family. Everything is very hands on and our school is more art related. The fact that we can rent our textbooks rather than have to buy them and that we get laptops with our school tuition.


The size of the school- small classrooms for better teacher/student ratio. Had the programs I was interested in.


That it is far enough from home that my parents don't bug me but it is close enough to go home on the weekends.


I've seen that the number of graduates from Stout turn out to be great successors.


The professors are amazing here. I am very pround to have this experience.


The thing that I consider to be the best about my school is the friendships I have been able to obtain with a variety of different people. The people were at Stout are very friendly and very open to any sort of person. There are a lot of different activities to do on and off campus which almost everyone at the school is involved in.


I believe the bst thing about UW-Stout is the people. People at UW-Stout are very freindly and work togather very well. The teachers also assign alot of group projects to get students to meet other people in the classroom. Also there are alot of clubs to get involved with and meet new people who have the same hobbies as you.


That its a smaller school and has small class sizes.


The best thing about Stout is the open-mindedness that you can find, and also the professors and classes.


I love the people here. The people make University of Wisconsin-Stout a school that is a great place to socialize, make friends, and it provides a welcoming learning environment. It is also very laid back here and the teachers have a warm relaxed attitude to the curriculum and course material.


I love hope close everyone is at my school and how accepting the students on this campus are. I really enjoy the quaintness of the town of Menomonie. It is very cute and just the right size for the size of school that Stout is.


The best thing about Stout is the people - professors, faculty, and students. They all work together to make the campus a better place. I am always meeting new people and networking is so easy. Everyone is so friendly. The professors truly want you to learn and the faculty is such a great help. Also, the students are willing to go out of their way to help you which I consider an amazing feat, esepcially at college.


It is more hands-on, visual type of learning as I am dyslexic and my major is Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management.They required an internship in my field in order to graduate which was great! I already successfully completed it. I sometimes have to retake a class like math or english (general college requirements) due to my disabilities and then they get a tutor for me and I then pass with flying colors. They do not look down on me because of my disabilities because in the end I will be successful.