University of Wisconsin-Superior Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students much be willing to attend classes as often as possible because many classes use participation as a part of the grade. Also, the student population on campus is roughly 3,000 students, so it is not a large school, but not tiny either. The weather gets to be pretty cold and windy for most of the year, but thankfully the campus isn't too widespread so getting to each class only takes about a couple minutes.


A person who is open-minded, loves the city, and loves the outdoors and living next to a large lake.


Anybody who lives a more low-key life should consider this school. It's very easy-going, and the people are relatively friendly.


The person attending this school should be goal oriented and focused on what they want in life and have motivation to reach their goals. They should also realize that you need to keep on top of your homework and study at least once a day, but also to have some sort of a social life and be able to blend the two without having conflicts.


An eager and open minded individual. This university give students great oppurtunities to become involved and learn on an individual basis.


Anyone who wants teacher who are totally different from one another(In a good way). Someone who wants to go to the perfect school in a perfect community/city. Anyone who wants to have choices on what they want to do for fun. Someone who wants to be accepted for who they are. Just someone looking for all around fun and adventure!