University of Wisconsin-Superior Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Apply for more scholarships, join a club, volunteer more


If I were to go into College now, I would think more in depth of what field I would go into. Would it applicable towards the economy today, and would I be able to find a job in this economy. Take as little amount of education loans as possible to cover tution and costs, and think about going to a University near your home. Study hard, and take pride in your grades, because they are important to your future. Later on in life go on to get your P.h.D!!


Christian, you have more potential than you can ever imagine! College life is wonderful, and you will meet people who will appreciate your work, interests, and future. Do not listen to those guys who tells you cannot do it nor those who say there is no opportunities for you here. Keep your dreams up and always become a role model toward your little siblings. You will be a difference in your community if you work hard. I want you to enjoy your life and be happy because you will not be alone as student!!


If I could go back to high school, there is one thing in particular that I would have changed. I wish that I would have started filling out scholarship applications as a senior in high school or even earlier. I did not realize that college consumed so much of my money. As a current sophomore in college, I am now starting to apply for scholarships because I don't have much money to pay for my tuition. I know that I am going to be in debt for a while, but I know that my education is worth the risk.


I have been very fortunate to go to college. I am the first one in my family out of my two brothers, mom, and dad to attend college. I have learned so many things that will help me in the future, and with my future career as a veterinary technician. Such things that I have helped me with my career is taking an anatomy and physiology class, because you learn all about the human body and how works, which is related to how the bodies of animals work. Not only will anatomy and physiology help me with my careerr, but my attending college helps build people skills, social skills, and several other benificial skills.


Attending a community college has been a wonderful experience! I am so glad I have had the opportunity to attend. Two valuable things I have gained from my experience are humility and a quality education to fill in the gaps of my self-taught learning. The beginning of my college was a rather humbling experience. I had worked my way up through the office ladder to become an accountant, without any formal college level training. With the closing our lumber mill, I ended up unemployed without a degree to back up my experience. While searching for another position, it became apparent that I needed a degree. Once in college, I became fascinated with the theory behind the practical function of what I had been doing every day. In each successive accounting class, I gleaned things that filled in the gaps of my self-taught learning. The same held true in my computer classes. I have been using Microsoft Office products for years, but by taking formal classes, I have learned shortcuts, fine formatting, special effects and solutions. Now I will be so much more proficient and effective.


I think there's always a sense of satisfaction. Knowing what I've accomplished, I feel that from winning awards in journalism, and doing two semesters abroad, I feel very fortunate to have experienced these endeavors in my life. I have learned a lot from many people throughout the globe who have helped color who I am today. The education has opened my eyes in more of a global vision than I ever have thought possible. If not for these experiences, then I would not have grown to be the person that I am today.


Senior year was a blast for me. Back then, I was the leader of a youth worship band called Fearless Prophet for the United Methodist church in my town. I had a part-time job at the local McDonald's on the weekends, and between that, school, and leading worship at my church, I was busy. I would've told myself to save more money and spend more time with my friends. I would also have told myself to ask for more recommendation letters from my teachers. Despite the fact that I was so busy, I wish I would have focused my free time more to write more songs with my band and have more benefit concerts to support Compassion International. I also had a boyfriend, and once I was situated in college, he ended it and left me with a broken heart. I wish I could've told myself to focus on God and the things He had in store for me, and that the rules he had were meant so that I wouldn't end up with a broken heart. I wish I could have told myself to include God in more of my decisions.


I would tell myself to work harder and be motivated. High school is easy compared to college, and had I known what I know now back in high school, I would have been better prepared and ready and would have put more time and energy into doing my homework. I would say, "focus more on homework and putting more effort into projects, because what you are doing now is not acceptable in college". I would also say that the transition from high school to college can be tough, but just smile and make new friends and make goals for yourself to accomplish since you are on your own in college and have to take on more responsibilities. Try and have fun but still be focused.


Don't be afraid to ask questions; don't be the one that figures everything out on your own. Don't go by what others say, always find out for yourself and experience it before making any hatsy decisions. Just keep the big dream in your mind and strive for it. Nothing about college is hard if you can make it fun!


Visit the campus you are interested in. Also, investigate the town/city you will be living in.


Make sure the school has a strong learning community within it instead of simply a group of individuals seeking higher education.


Find a school that seems to fit you. Have Fun!!!


Make sure you are basing your decision on how well you think you will accomplish at the campus and if the location and price are right for you and you only. Do not pick a college just because it is close to home or because you are being forced to go there by family, friends, etc. When you get to college just be yourself and not what others want you to be. If there is something you are interested in doing dont let others tell you if you should or should not go for it, you have to learn that on your own, no matter how long it takes to accomplish your goal or realize it just is not for you. Do what you think is right not what others think is right for you.


I would advise them to start saving for college early because a good education will cost a lot and I think a student has a better experiance if they do not have to obtain a job their first few years on campus. Finding the right college for me was simple. I knew what I wanted to do and Superior offered that program and I knew that I wanted a smaller more personal school. Finding the right college for yourself will depend on your personal preferances when it comes to location and size and career goals. Be open minded abpout everything you encounter. College is different then high school in many ways. I think the most significant way is that it is all based on how responsible you are. No one is here to call your parents if you skip a day but you better belive that you missed something very important on that day. YOu have to learn to take care of yourself and for some kids that adjustment is hard. Be friendly and responsible and you will have no problems.


Just be your self and try your best. Find a college that fits you ( not your parents). Follow your heart students and you will know what college is right for you. I think Superior is a really good place to start and the city is awesome!