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Our campus is small where all the students are kind and friendly to each other, and the professors, advisors, and faculty talk to us as equals.


I chose to attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for a number of different reasons but what made it stand apart was the fact that books came along with tuiton. This is unlike other schools where students have to pay for their books out of pocket. Whitewater is also very wheelchair friendly - we have many wheelchair sports teams and they have many options for places they want to live. Changes are constantly being made to my school to make it an even more diverse, fun place to be at.


The school of business is one of the better ones in the state of Wisconsin. We have won the football national championship for the past few years. The students is what brings life to the community during the school year.


Size of classes were great.


If you are trying to just get through college and get a degree, and you believe no matter how much money you spend on a school that is recognizable out of the state of Wisconsin and you think you will be working the same desk job, and you like to travel elsewhere besides home on the weekends for minimal tuition. Whitewater is for you


We are a vry diverse school. Many of our students come from different countries and religions. We also have done a lot of construction to make our school more enviromentally friendly. My school is small and the teachers are there to help whenevr you need them. Some teachers give out their home number so there students can reach them at home until a certain time.


What I believe to be unique about the University of Wisconsin -Whitewater compared to others I have considered is that Whitewater is a smaller community. As a result of being a smaller community it is easier for one to get around to places and for the students on campus to know more of one another and become closer as time passes throughout the school years.


UW-Whitewater has great athletic programs. This year our football team won the division three championship. Whitewater is a great place to live and meet new people. It is only one hour away from Madison. Because its in the lower part of Wisconsin you get to meet a lot of people from Illinois. The campus is beautiful. This is the perfect school if you are looking for something between the huge schools and the small schools. The city of Whitewater is also a medium sized town, its not crazy like Madison or Milwaukee.


I chose this school because it was only about half an hour away from my family.


I enjoy the fact of how comfortable Whitewater is. It is a very open school and is very diverse. There are tons of activities to get involved and I don't feel out of place at all. Whether I want to just study in my dorm, or go to the gym and play sports, I feel comfortable! It is a small town but everybody loves Whitewater! No one is ashamed to go there. I see Whitewater's colors everywhere I venture! I just like how accepting Whitewater is and how I always feel at home.