University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Wisconsin-Whitewater?


My awesome roommate!


I brag about how we have 2 weight rooms and our athletic program.


Our School won the Division 3 national championship in football (the Stagg Bowl) this year, and in 2007 as well.


I guess our business department. I was part of a unique program called Integrated Science and Business (ISB) allowing me to work in both business and science field. It is what got me into the graduate program I am now in at UW-Madison.


We have several new buildings that show that the school has money to invest in the future as well as keep up with the times. It also shos that alumni are pleased with their experiences there and are willing to donate money back to the school.


I brag mostly about the scoiology/anthropology department here. the department turns out great students in the field that they are going into whether its police officers, crime evidence individuals and anthropologist (cultural and physical).


Study Hard. Be involved in campus.


I don't usually brag. Things could be better here honestly.


They got me into harvard


The campus itself is not too big or too small.