University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Wisconsin-Whitewater?


Someone who doesn't want to work hard in what they plan on achieving -


A person that doesn't want nothing with there life because most students around here got something going for their self. Everybody trys there best and give there best effort.


A person who does not like small classrooms or campuses. Also, a person who does not like farms. There are many farms that surround this campus.


We accept anyone here at Whitewater.


Everyone should come here! Everyone fits in. There are so many orgs and groups, it's impossible to not have friends. Everyone here has multiple options they can explore. No matter what race, religion or political/personal views, everyone has a spot at UWW.


This is not the college for an applicant who is not serious about his education. This small town, Midwestern University is about success in academics, not how big your social life is or how much you can party. The administration keeps a close eye on what is going on around campus in every aspect. Similarly the community does not offer the college students an atmosphere of endless bars and liquor stores. So if this is your idea of getting a college education, don’t come here.


People that don't like a smaller community, have to drive a little to get to bigger cities, and are not willing to help out in the community.


A person who like large classrooms, a lot of attractions, and a fast paced environment.


The only type of person that I believe shouldn't attend this school is one that does not want to try or doesn't have the time that a university expects of someone. College is not a breeze and the students attending need to put in all of their effort and a lot of time to finish their course work. Someone who doesn't have time or unwilling to put in the effort would just be waisting their money.


A person who is not interested in achieving their highest potential should not attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.