University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College did not seem like the best choice for me right after graduation. It seemed like a ball and chain, like a new list of unwanted obligations to my high school self. I remember being told a handful of times that "college is not for everyone". I remember hating the connotation of that stinging statement being directed at me. I spent August of 2013 feeling like an absolute failure. I was never the student to not try, to no excel. It felt so wrong that I did not want the natural extension of high school success. If I could have told my high-school-self anything it would have been reassuring words that this semester break is necessary, now is just not the time for college. I wish I could have shown my past self my email from the Dean's office saying that I have made the Dean's list or my straight A's on my transcript. I would tell myself that being eighteen is scary and now is the time to explore. Wasting time being upset and frustrated with yourself is not helping you to grow as a person.


If I could go back in time to my early high school years I would tell myself to work harder and take on as many opportunities that were given to me. I would have challenged myself more academically and should have studied alot more then what I had originally intended.


Dear Mai Cheng, You are an amazing person. I know you are. Do not worry about friends, boys, or whatever you are going though. I know you will make it out fine and become a lovely person. You should work hard in school and do your best. Keep going strong. Keep taking notes and studying for those exams as tests. But most of all, keep your motivation strong and alive! Keep being passionate about your education because YOU my dear will go far. I just know it. I love you, and stay well. Sincerely, Future Mai Cheng Her


As a high school student, I would tell myself that I am more capable of completing a degree than I realized. I came from a family where no one had earned a bachelor's degree. My father even attempted to discourage me from attending a four year college. I had to overcome negativity and push forward. As I high school student, I would tell myself to not take everything so seriously. I would tell myself to learn how to balance my course work, social life and need to earn money. My strategy would be learn from others and every class offers knowledge that was not known until the experience had been completed. Goals are important, yet not everything works out in a rigid plan. Life is too short to be too serious and you will end up where you are suppose to be at the end of your education journey, yet it is up to you to make things happen. To sum it up, "Don't sweat the small stuff."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to relax and not worry. Campus life is something that one cannot prepare themselves for ahead of time, rather one has to experience it first. In addition, I would try to tell myself to put my classes as a priority during the first semester, learn to manage time better, and take better care of myself. Try to meet others on campus, actually participate in events that occured on campus, yet still find time to focus upon my schedules. Remember, University life is where one begins to learn even more about themselves and get to claim a bit more independence. Don't be afraid to do so. My mother actually came to campus one time, in order to yell at me to take better care of myself and work hard in class, not spend my freetime online gaming. The first semester was a trial and error, despite the fact that I never failed a single course, it allowed me to realize how campus life worked. From there, I began to learn better studying habits and taking of myself efficiently.


Stay focus, pay attention, and get as much information you need to prepared yourself for college. My teachers always said well when you get in college it's gone be different and harder. I was a little hard headed so I really didn't listen. Don't get me wrong I did all my work and got good grades, but if I could go back I would listen. This my second semester of college as a freshmen and i'm not doing to good, but I'm not gone give up because in order to get somewhere in life you have to work for it, nothing comes free.


I would make sure that my mini-me is done with their ACT's/SAT and Financial aid. I would stress the importance of completing finacial aid early, because it is a first come first serve. I would also inform him on scholarships and college pre-preprograms. The reason why these things were mentioned first, is because they are needed to attended the college of choice. Doing your financial aid on time will make sure you know how much you are recieving. Once recieved, you can budget your semester accordingly because BOOKS are expensive. After reminding myself about the expenses of college, I would go into the social life. I would remind myself to not get so carried away with friends. Having friends is a good thing in college, but you need those other friends that you can have awesome study days with. I wish I could have more of those instead. Another thing I would explain is how to use the tutor centers and professors. They're always there and they are willing to help. You have to be willing and get off your butt to actually reach them. It's all up to you.


If I were to go back to my high school self, I would make sure to tell them that life turns out better then this. I suffered from depression throughout a few years of my high school career and it was really hard to keep focused. I was a pretty good student, but boy did I have to crack down once I came to Whitewater. I would tell my past self, "to sit down and study more and not procrastinate". I met so many life long friends when I moved to college, but my first semester was a LOT harder then I was used to. It was a fun, but hard transition and I think I'm still trying to get in the swing of things. But, I would let myself know that college is awesome, and I would do it all over again!


The advice that I would give myself would be to save as much money as possible, and to remind myself that attending college is not cheap; everything costs. Knowing what i know now I would be able to share future expenses with myself, such as food, text books, gas money or bus money to be able to come home on breaks. I would also tell myself that you should look for a job as early as possible and to not wait until you are on campus like so many students choose to do, but to have a job as soon as possible so that you are able to pay for all of your expenses and responsibilities that you may have. These are things that some high school students fail to notice before getting on college, so I would prepare myself by knowing them early.


One thing that I have not been able to overcome , and I don't think it will happen anytime soon, is my problem with procrastination. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would make CLEAR to myself to finish my papers and assignments as soon as I get them or atleast work on it a little bit at a time. The feeling that you get after spending hours of dedicated time on an assignment from school and finally finishing it is way better than coming to class and realizing that you forgot to do something that was due or didn't spend as much time on something as you could have. I would also advise myself that if I need to study or get something done, to go to the library and leave my phone in my room to shut myself off from the world so I can concentrate better. The last thing I would tell myself is to relax and not get over-stressed when there are many things to be done and not enough time to do it. Keep calm and prioritize.


I would tell the senior me to make sure to look for work as soon as you can and make sure you have a fool proof plan while your getting prepared for school and while your in school. Make up a good finacial plan and stick to that plan unless you need to change it around for a valid reason. The last thing I would suggest is don't wait until the last minute to finish your work and do it right then.


Stop procrastinating!!! I know it's really hard not to with this new "Window of Opportunity" thing, but trust me. This is a habit you need to get rid of ASAP. Procrastinating in college is proving to be a very stressful habit. Cherish your friendships and connections. Spend some time with Luis. He won't be around much longer. Don't let Jeni hide from Caesar in the movie store. That's the last time she'll see him again. The people you are close friends with now, the ones who have been there from the jump, are the people you can rely on. They're the ones that are going to help you out when you need favors and advice, like they always have. You're making the right decision by not having a boyfriend when you get to college. There's bigger and better here!!! Stay the person you are now. Over the summer, check your morals and what you stand for. Review your goals. You're going to be tested, so you have to know who you are. Most importantly, stay motivated and balanced.


Yes, your world is tiny; you know everything about it. Don’t bring that know-it-all viewpoint into college; the world outside your own is vastly larger. You have lots to learn, kid. A lot of students are still trying to figure out life, too. So when you see someone who looks lost (literally and figuratively) offer your help willingly. Then watch your web of friends grow! KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE COUNTER! The people behind the register or counter appreciate and it. Keep the clerk in mind. You might find yourself in the same job one day. You pay $300+ per credit. Use it! Study your books, engage in conversations, pass the class. The purpose of college is to prepare you for the REAL life. With that said, don’t go to class just to ask, “When will I ever use this in life?” Statements like that are annoying and suggest immaturity. Everything in life has a positive side. There aren’t many exceptions. The positives won’t always show. It’s your job to find them. Finally, listen to Joseph Campbell and “FOLLOW YOUR BLISS”. It will never lead you astray.


Hello Katie Koubaddy. You may believe you do not know me but the truth is you know me all too well. I am one of your potential selves. I am here today with the opportunity to give you some advice for your future endeavors. I know very well how nervous and anxious this time is for you. Being the only child in your family to graduate high school, none-the-less go on to college, is quite nerve wrecking. Above all, you need to know that you are a capable and intelligent person who is capable of so much good. You have come so far from the life you grew up with and you are now moving forward with your life progress not by mere steps but by leaps and bounds. Take pride in your progress and growth. Build your path based on what feels right in your heart. Go with what is in your dreams and know that if you try your hardest you will not fail. Appreciate every step of the way.


I would say work hard in high school so therre wouldn't be a lot to change in college. You should be use to studying in college if you are studying hard in high school. It will be easier to adapt to.


As a college student now talking to my High -school self I would send a message of warning on how being a uncaring student will lead to a life of failure. If you want success in this life you have to give it your all and do the most you can to succeed. If you dont do that then you will struggle with things to come. The only good thing that can come out of that struggle however is the changing of your mindset. But if precautions are properly taken and you do not have to make major changes in your fist year or two in college you will be better off and lead a life of success.


While my college experience to date has been rewarding in so many ways, it has been challenging as well. To start I would have applied to more than one school, don’t get your heart set on just one. Well as it turns out I wasn’t accepted at that college, luckily my high school business teacher recommended his alma mater University Wisconsin-Whitewater. It was to be a perfect fit in all aspects, money, distance, and most especially an excellent business college. More advice to self would be, don’t procrastinate do assignment in a timely manner, it may seem that you have a lot of free time but you really don’t. Develop good organizational skills they are essential to accomplishing all that you will have to contend with on a daily bases. While your parents, friends and senior teachers think you’re stupendous, be cogitative of the fact that you’re now a small frog in a big pond and act accordingly. For the first time you get to make all the decisions. Just don’t jump in with both feet, give yourself a chance to learn all you can about any situation before you act.


My college education to date has been very rewarding. College has had a huge impact on how I view life. It not only is providing me with the necessary qualifications to become a successful businessman, but has also enhanced my over all awareness of humanity and its plights. This environment afforded me the opportunity to recognize and value concepts which here to for would not have occurred to me. It has always been my dream to attend college and complete a post secondary program. I have worked towards this goal my whole life. Graduating from college will be the culmination of my life’s ambition. With my degree in business marketing I will seek a position in the corporate world. My sense of conscientiousness acquired in college will be invaluable when I seek a position in the corporate world. Companies such as Nike, Target or Johnson and Johnson are corporations for which I would be honored to be a part of. They are all very successful businesses who make massive profits, but they also commit a portion of their earnings to community, employee, global, and environmental causes.


From my college experience so far I have gained many new perspectives on world ideas and people in general. I have met many new people which is great as well. It is valuble to attend college because first of all it makes you a better, more well rounded and organized person. Secondly attending college allows you to have many new experiences both within and outside the classroom. Thes experienes are both enjoyable and enriching in many ways.


From my college experience, I have gained a new family from the UWW Warhawk community. I have felt challenged to succeed academically and athletically, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I have been given countless opportunities to give back to my community and feel included on campus. I have enjoyed the close-knit relationships developed with my teachers and advisors, and know my education acquired at UWW will lead me to a succussful career in the journalism field. I take much pride in calling myself a Warhawk, and plan to continue to support the school as a proud and involved alumni.


I have learned many things through my college experience that I would not have been able to learn without it. I have gained new perspectives on life, family, and new friends. I learned many things at UW-Whitewater that will be used in both my professional and social life to come. I have learned independence and job experience in the real world and this will help me in the future. My schooling has provided me not only education but also skills that I would not have obtained without attending college. I have learned to broaden my horizons and take new experiences and live them to the fullest.


I have landed a great job. School was a valuable experience as well as fun and friendships.


For me, college has been a extremely eye opening experience. It all seems to root back to perception. Everything we encounter alters our perception, the lens through which we view the world. Being exposed to so many new ideas, and concepts I had never know before certainly has widened my lens. For exampling, learning about organic chemistry, took things I see and deal with in my everyday life, and let me look at these same things in a whole different light. I really love learning. I have found that knowledge is limitless. College has also allowed me to have relationships with people from all different walks of life, who I may not encounter otherwise. It has helped me gain a new level of respect and appreciation for all different cultures, and creeds, by being able to work as a whole, for one cause, to attain knowledge. I can honestly say I would not be the same person if I had never attended college. It has allowed me to see the big picture, and not just focus on my own concerns. I really just love learning, especially about healthcare, and the human body. I can't wait to change lives.


Going to a four year college has given me a lot of room to grow. I believe that I am very fortunate to have had that experience. coming from a third world country it is mere dream for any one to obtain a degree in America and it is one dream that came true for me. There are so many things these four years in college have taught me. I have learned invaluable lessons in interpersonal communication and devoloping my professional skill set. The diversity embracing community at Whitewater has given me plenty of opportunities to put my diverse point of view across and make a true contribution to the learning community as a whole. For these reasons I believe it is great school to attend. I am an open minded person today becuase of the education I was fortunate to receive in Whitewater.


I have gotten a lotof valuable information out of my college experience. I have learned how to be professioanl (dress, talk). I have also learned how to write papers and write professioanlly. My experience is abailable to me because I want a good job when I'm done and it is also helping me prepare for my thesis. My thesis will also prepare me for my PhD I want to pursue.


I never understood why my teachers always said that they learn more from us than what we learn from them, until I began tutoring math at the high school. It truly is amazing, the way that a child’s mind works. It is the ways that each student comes up with a solution that really makes me smile. The feeling that a kid will get when they really understand math gives me more joy than anything I have ever felt. This meaning that I recieved something more than i can imagen from my school, a career that fits me. I am inlove with teaching and am so eager to become a teacher. University of Wisconsin Whitewater really prepared me for the real world. Not to mention I have a core group of life long friends that i am so greatful to have.


Being at Whitewater has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and meet new people that I would have never been able to anywhere else. Networking with these people has allowed me to succeed in school but also obtain an intership which i will return to next summer. The campus is small but truly a united one that fills each of its students with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I truly can not wait to see what else these next 3 years will offer me and mold me into the best person that I can be. It has been the best time of my life!


My experience in college so far has taught me that being ahead is the best way to succeed in life. Attending college is helping me make a better life for myself. With a college degree in my hand, making a living for myself will not be so hard. With the experience I have gained from college I will take it out with me into the real world. And use my experience to my advantage in my career field. I am every greatful that I am able to have this opportunity in life.


I have definitely had some wonderful college experiences. I have made a lot of friends, joined different clubs, and the parties are awesome. But the best thing that I have gotten out of my experience as a college student is independence and ambition. Although I have always been the independent type, there is nothing like being in an entirely different city on your own and as a teenager nonetheless. It is especially hard when your family's income is not sufficient to support your college career. Don't get me wrong my family is great and supportive in other ways but they are unable to help me financially. But I have learned that that is not an excuse for not succeeding. Above all things, this motivates me to stay in school so that I can create a better life for my children and my family's future generations. My college experience has taught me that I have no choice but to be ambitious because mediocre effort brings mediocre results and I refuse to settle for crumbs when I could own the bakery.


I have gotten new friends, work experience, and better ways to study while attending this college.


The thing I enjoyed the most was knowing that by putting forth the effort and time into my studies I was bettering myself and opening doors of opportunity into society. The resources you have access to while in school can be incredible, you get to network with teachers, students, and industry professionals which can help you excel in many different ways. Not only does attending school better my chances in the real world but it also helped me develop teamworking skills and other skills neccessary on the job. Despite the high cost of education I believe that it is more of an investment than an expense because it gives you a competetive edge in the workplace. Overall I have enjoyed my time in school and I will continue to learn as the world continues to change for the better.


As I finished my freshmen year of college the experiences I have taken from the university have been very beneficial. What I believe I have gotten form this is the opportunity to do things on my own; such as decision making, whether it be hard or easy, the ability to get things done on my own without having someone to help me at any time I am in need or struggling. There also was the ability to grow and mature both mentally and emotionally in many ways. The reason I believe it has been valuable to attend this university is that by doing so it will allow me to be ready for when the time comes to live on my own and need to support myself. I thank Campus Discovery Survey for allowing me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship to further better my education.


I've gotten a lot of useful networking tools out of UW-W. I am still in contact with many of my friends from the school and go to them to seek advice, help and financial support for programs I am implementing at the high school where I work. I also contact professors I had while I was a student to bounce ideas off of them and seeks their input. UW-W was valuable to me because I, not only, got a classroom education but also one in the real world. I learned how to be on my own while also learning the great literary pieces of history. My life is richer and fuller because of my four years at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


I have been able to understand that college is vital to my education and with it I can progress in life so I'm very thankful for that. It's been valuble to my time to attend because I know it's helping me mold into a smarter and even better person. I'm glad that college is something at arm's reach because without it, I don't know where I would go or how I manage. It makes me very happy to know that I haven't been the only one to get something great out of this. My friends have learned a great deal from all of this as well. It's because of what I do that their actions reflect and I feel blessed to have then look up to me in such a way.


I've learned how to study and not depend on my parents to do it for me. I have learned to take responsibility for my school work. And that college is so much more laid back than High School showing up for class isn't demanded in college it is in High School. I have grown up alot being in college. Learned alot of lessons made mistakes and had 2 suffer the consequencies.


Out of my college experience so far, I have learned that grades and studying are very important. Applying for financial aid and as many scholarships as possible is also very important. It has been very valuable for me to attend college because when I am finished the difference in the amount of money I will make will be drastic. I am very excited to have a job that pays more that minimum wage, and that is very difficult when living in Bay County, Florida. College so far has been a great experience for me, not only have I enjoyed learning a variety of different subjects, but I have also enjoyed learning things about myself that I did not already know.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that I have learned a lot of important things in which I know will help me in the longrun and with my major. Why It has been so valuable for me to attend college is because I want to learn so much more and experience a lot from life and do what I love to do, which is Fashion and I want to grow and excel in my field. I think without college I wouldn't know what I would want to do with my life, because it has taught me a lot in life that education is the key to success and with it I will succeed.


Since my start at college, I feel that I have grown not only intellectually, but also physically and spiritually as an individual. I have had the opportunity to participate in various campus opportunities and trips that have enhanced my time here. Among the most valuable experiences in my time at college was meeting the love of my life. When I was told that most people fall in love while at college, I didn?t believe it until it actually happened to me. I wouldn?t trade a single experince since I began college for anything in the world. I have been involed with acting, R.A., SGA, and the community. My college has inspire me to further my education to the next level.


My college experience is one of the most valuable things in my life. By coming to college I have found out who I really am. Some people say that college is a place to start over, but by saying this they really mean they need to find out who they are. I have met so many great, amazing people that, if I didn't come to college, I would have never met. These people have changed my life for the better. I feel that what college does for an individual on a human level is more important than anything it could ever teach you in it's classrooms. As important as being good in a classroom is, having people skills is a special thing that not a lot of people have. College has increased my people skills a lot. People skills are something that I will use everyday for the rest of my life. Without college I would not be who I am. The amount of knowledge you gain from being around intelligent people your age is amazing. College brings out the best of people. It makes you smarter, stronger, and better.


I have learned the importance of making more informed decisions and educating my community by providing them with adequate knowledge through the fruits of a college education. Above all, I realize that a college education would enable me to carry out my community civic duty in a more efficient manner such as lobbying as I experienced. Using my knowledge, my goal is not only to become a successful radiologist but to help clean up all the debts of the people and instruct them to become more adamant about their financial skills in future years to come.


In attending The University of Wisconsin Whitewater, several concepts have become more important in my life. First, I would like to note that the positive aspects of my prior educational experiences in both High School and Community College have been largely overshadowed by those of UW-Whitewater. Attending this four-year university away from home has endowed me with a newfound sense of responsibility and a stronger desire to achieve academic success. The more specific field of study that I have been able to focus on through my Political Science Major has made me more interested in learning and applying my knowledge than I ever was before. I have encountered a more diverse spectrum of individuals than I did back home, and I have become more open to a new world of ideas and a more objectively-humane way of thinking. In a sense, I feel that because the educational stage here at Whitewater is much larger than I am used to, I am more inclined to "rise to the occasion" and challenge myself to work hard in order to reach my full potential as a scholar, a volunteer, and as a positively-productive member of my community.


Even though I have only attended college for one semester so far I truely have learned more than I expected to in such a short period of time. By living in the dorms I have better learned to live and get along with others. I have also had the experience to explore working with a variety of different people that very from age, race, and cultural backgounds as well. It has been valuable to attend this school and learn not only more about what I am interested in doing for the rest of my life, but also to help me apply the life skills and information I have experienced with other individuals to life around me and the lives of others. I hope that when I leave college and live in the real world and come across obsticles of life be my own or those of people around me that I will be able to apply past eperiences and learned life skills to a solution.


I actually went back to my high school and was able to give the students there some of the advice that I never got. I told them to make sure you start with financial aid and looking at schools as early as possible in high school. I also told them to choose a school that was right for them and not to choose where a boyfriend was going or where family wanted them to go. You are the one going to school so you have to make sure you are comfortable there. Make sure you study and go to class because you are there for school first. Don't lose focus. One more piece of advice would be to get involved on campus as much as possible. Of course grades are important, but if you are also involved, employers will see you as more well rounded. You also learn things that you could never learn in the classroom by putting yourself out there and being yourself.


If I could go back and time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be "not to panic." My transition to college was exciting, but not the "scary" sort of event that my parents, and some of my peers tried to make it out to be. The result was that I tended to worry a lot about things like making friends, getting good grades, and even waking up on time. None of those things ended up becoming a problem, so it turns out that I wasted a lot of time in my last year of high school worrying about a bunch of trivial things. Specifically, my advice would have been to take the opinions of other people a little bit less seriously. Most of the people who thought of college as a scary or intimidating experience were in the same position as me: looking towards the future, scared of the unknown, and surrounded by the chaos that always ensues during the last few months of high school life.


If I could go back and tell myself one thing before entering college, I'd tell myself, "Don' worry, it will all work out. Don't be shy! Be open and friendly!" Even though I am a very friendly and outgoing person, I think all the fears and worries I had about college - from the finances to being in a new place and on my own, to the workload I would have - kept me from really being myself and putting myself out there to meet new people. Though I do have my close group of friends, I think having more people to relate to and be with when I was first there would have made the transition a little less bumpy and easier to settle into, and the worries less prominant.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice I would first tell myself that I should listen to my dad when he says that I should save more money from my job for college. He was right, I would need it. I would also want myself to know that there is no point in stressing aobut college, everything will work out. The most important thing that I would want to tell myself though, is to always follow your dreams and do not compromise that for anyone. It is important to always do what is best for you and not what others want you to do because you are the one that has the dreams to live out. Live the life you want to live and do not let someone else change your mind!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to be more outgoing and unafraid of meeting new people and joining student organizations. Student organizations are a great way of meeting new people and making friends, and it's always nice to surround yourself with good people in an educational environment. I would also tell myself not to stress so much in high school and to just have fun because you're still a kid!


If I were granted the opprotunity to go back in time and visit myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself not to worry so much about the little things that would happen. Such examples would be the Math, English, and Spanish classes are not that hard and are not the end of the world. Don't be afraid to ask other people in your class for help, and that's why professor's have office hours. One last thing would be don't get so homesick. I spent the better part of an academic year being homesick, to which I had a minimal social life. All in all, don't sweat the small stuff and trust your instincts


This is your last chance Joel! I have seen the future and you need to work harder in your classes. With this extra work you will earn free credits for college and possibly et a better score on your ACT. With these free credits you will save money and be ahead when you get into college. You also need to take more AP class so you can bring credits to college with you for waviers. Keep up the good work and dont get lazy, it wont help in the work you have to complete in the future.


Looking back, I would probably tell myself as a high school senior is that I shouldn't worry too much. Everything feels like it has fallen into place now. I shouldn't worry about the transition into college, it's a lot easier than what people make it out to be. Just stay focused on your homework and class, and you'll do just fine. I would tell myself that I need to do all my homework. I can't get away with not doing some assignments like I could in high school. I would tell myself that I should take risks and break out of my shell when I get here. What you get out of college is what you put into it. If you sit on the sidelines and do nothing, you won't make great stories to tell your future children. By becoming an active and outgoing student, you will look back very fondly on these years to come. This is where your true friends will come from. They won't leave you like your high school friends did. You will do great things, and these friends will help you see that. Don't worry.