University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The campus wifi is one of the most frustrating things on campus. Often the wifi tends to go down, especially when it is needed to do assignments. My campus has a website known as D2L where teachers upload assignments and other literary material and when the wifi is down, one cannot reach those websites which leads to frustration and stress. Just a note, if one lives in the dorms, it would be a great idea to invest into an ethernet cord to use in case the wifi goes unstable.


There are too many activities and clubs I want to join, but not enough time! I am an active member of three groups currently, and my schedule is packed! If there were more hours in a day, or more days in a week, I'd be satisfied.


I'm not terribly thrilled with its location. Simply put, it's cold here and there's hardly anything to do. That makes it easy to avoid distractions and focus on schoolwork, but... there's still hardly anything to do.


The large number of students that are either commuter or that live very close and leave on the weekends. As a result there are not many people to socialize with on weekends.


There is not a lot to do in Whitewater becuase the town and the campus are so small. It helps to focus on academics though.


One of the most frustrating things about college is the student living. Although living on campus has provided me with many amazing experiences, learning to adapt to the extremely new environment is sometimes agravating. In my first semester at college I often became frustrated with the noise level in the dorms and sometimes found it hard to concentrate on homework and studying. The most frustrating thing for me in my first semester at collge was learnig to adapt to the new college atmosphere so that I could get still get the necessary school wok done while living in the dorms.


Some professors are too difficult


Unless you decide to commute to campus, you must live in the Residence Halls on campus your first two years. Because of overcrowding they are somewhat flexible on allowing people to move out early. The most frustrating thing is the overcrowded Residence Halls. As the freshman class continues to grow larger, overcrowding on our campus continues to be a problem. Some people are forced to live in the basements and lounges of the Residence Halls because of lack of space.


Having to work 40 or more hours a week. Don't have time for anything else.


Everyone goes home on the weekend and does not give it a chance. It also only has a few majors that they are known for. wish would branch out.


It would be nice if more people stayed on weekends. There is a thought that there is nothing to do here, which is kind of true. The city really should try and attrack more businesses.


Most of the people that attend this school are binge-drinking hicks. I'm actually transferring spring 2009 to a different university.


Not too much, some of the teachers are difficuly, but thats to be expected.


They are constantly doing construction on campus, you have to find alternate routes to class.


Freshman advisors are not knowledgable in the less popular degrees such as mine (Integrated Science and Business) and are not sure what classes you should enroll in. If you are planning on perusing a degree away from the normal Business, Art, or Teaching degrees get in contact with an advisor in the college you will be entering. Also the fact that most students living in the dorms go home for the weekend. If everyone stuck it out for the weekends the college would me much closer and entertaining.


Again, I think that the most frusterating thing about my school is that you have to travel 25 minutes to get to the nearest town that actually has stores and activities to do. Target, Starbucks and resturants are all open later and there is more to do in Janesville. (the closest town) I think that it would be a lot easier living here on campus if the town of Whitewater was more "college friendly"


Half of the school goes home on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing in my own opinion would have to be the amount of outreach to newer students or any students for that matter to get involved. I believe the groups and clubs of campus should be more active to get students involved so they can fit in and make more friends.