University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had know that having a car at school would have made all the difference. Whitewater is a small town surrounded by miles and miles of rolling farmland. Without a car it is very easy to get stuck in the two or three block radius of campus. After a month of seeing the same scenery and the same people one can feel pretty in need of a change. However, without a car a change is not as likely as one would hope.


I wish I had known more about the sports teams before deciding on going. I still would've made my decision to attend Whitewater but I decided not to play on at team because I thought it would take away from my class and study time. I met a lot of girls who were on the basketball and softball teams who I became really good friends with and I wish I would've tried out for a team from the beginning. I'll never know how different my freshman year could've been!


For myself I wish I knew the responsibility and dedication it took to be a good student. Coming from a questionable high school career I was not the best student, but with the experiences at my college I am shaping up to be a studious and dedicated person.


Before attending this school I wish that I knew how many people actually did go home on weekends because it seems like almost everyone leaves.


Being from Tennessee, I didn't have any clue what to expect about Wisconsin weather. Just a note: it gets COLD!! :)


I wish I had known that it was a very small place. The location could work both ways for certain people. Also I wish I had known about the rankings and how competitive the school is compared to other schools.


I wish I had known that the classes were ind of hard, meaning that they would take reading and understanding what u read. i also wish someone would have told me that many sudents here like to party on the weekends. Also that students go home on the weekend and the campus is dead on the weekend.


I wish I would have known how cold the campus can be in the winter time. It can be so freezing in Wisonsin but other than that I LOVE THIS college.


That there were not many places to go in my spare time (no shopping malls and very few restaurants) and that I would need a car for any off campus destinations.


I wish I had known just how many opportunities were available to me. The campus is full of intramural sports, Greek organizations and clubs. I wished I had known just how many of them I was eligible for and how to join them. It would have been cool to have been more involved.


I wish that I would have known that most of my friends from my freshman year would not be here the next year. What I mean by that is, it is a lot easier than I originally thought to get off track with your academics and end up leaving college. You need to be responsible for yourself and make sure you stay on top of your studies because no one else is going to do that for you, and schools are very serious about your academic performance.


I can't really think of anything I'd wish I'd known before I came here. I looked into the school really well and asked any questions I had to my friends that already attended here.


Making friends within the first six weeks of school and becoming involved on campus creates a greater sense of belonging while attending this University. Also, don't forget to bring shower shoes for the bathroom!


I wish I would have known how much construction would have been going on during my time here. The first year and a half the university center was being re-done and now there are suite apartment/dorms being built on campus. It is a great addition but just have never seen the campus without construction.


I wish I had known what the socialness of this campus was like, for example peers not exactly being the most "warm" type of people.


I wish I had known more about the learning communities. I am in a learning community, but I didn't fully understand how helpful the community is: a lot of close friendships are created with the people in your community, and you have a lot of classes with them. You also have a closer relationship with the professors of the learning community.


I wish I had been more informed about how to be an advocate for yourself ealy on in college career.




I wish i would have known to save up more money before hand because it is very hard to get a job here.


How remote and not-college friendly the town is.




I wish I knew there was all this construction planned. While trying to plan for the future and keep campus upto date, it creates some problems with our green space. University of Wisconsin- Whitewater always keeps accessability in mind and the saftey of students even during tough construction times.




I would have liked to know more about the professors at the university. In knowing this, I would be better able to pick good professors


Just in general what is college life like. I was able to have the ability to talk with friends that were already attending Whitewater and were able to give me a heads up as to what to expect.


Marching Band is no longer competitive in college.


I wish I had more motivation, and focus. I thought I had that, but I quickly learned how easily the college life can overwhelm you, and completely screw with your priorities.