University of Wyoming Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The beginning of semester free concerts and the border war which is a rivalry between the Cowboys and the Air Force Academy. The Air Force Jets always do a fly over air show at halftime.


Great Education! Wonderful location with lots of outdoor acitvities - camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, skiing, hunting, cross country skiing, golfing, ect. The school organizes many trips a year for students who wish to be involved. A great animal science, law, nursing, pre-vet, biology, & pharmacy programs! Small class sizes so there is one on one teacher time. Also price is wonderful for in-state students- they offer a scholarship for student who went to high school in Wyoming.




This school is best known for its teachers that are dedicated to the success of the students and the large amount of extra-curricular activities available.


The college of engineering and the college of education.


My school is best known for having strong programs in Petroleum Engineering and Nursing.


The University of Wyoming is known for it's great integrity. It is an honor to attend the University due to it's high respect throughout the state.


The wind and cold in Laramie!




My favorite campus traditions include homecoming and the De-stresser that the campus puts on during finals week. This university knows how to have fun and get rid of stress by providing activities, massages, and even kits for finals week.


The cowboys


I feel our school is best known for our diversity. I was so shocked to see the amount of ethnicities at the school and even just on my floor at my first year in the dorms. I have friends from all over the United States and all over the world. In one of my classes this year there was not a single person form the same state, or country and there was 55 of us! Now that is what I call diverse, and I enjoy it.


The schoo is probably best known for being the only university in Wyoming, while having a good schooling system for the money spent.


The University of Wyoming is known for its excellent academic programs in a much smaller setting than can be found in other large state schools, at reasonable tuition rates. Unlike in other state universities, professors at Wyoming are accessible and teach undergraduate classes, including introductory freshman-level classes. The University is also attractive to out-of-state students because of the relatively low tuition compared to schools in other parts of the country. Wyoming is large enough to provide its students with a wide variety of programs while maintaining a relatively small community setting.


Our school is best known for the small town its in, college football, and our cold winters.


My school is best known for it's weekend activities. There is always something to do for people with varying tastes and interests.


My school is known for having some of the top programs in the nation. However, not many attend the University of Wyoming, and those are the ones who are missing out on a great education. Professors take individual time with each student and your classes are taught be them. Additionally, students here bond and really have a good time. They study hard, but also play hard. Laramie is a town the revolves around the University.


It's the only University in Wyoming, and known to be a load of fun to attend. We are known for the football games, and unfortunately known for a party college town. It's cheap and the big school in the state.


Cowboy/Cowgirl athletics.


The outdoors and the engineering school.


Cheapest tuition in the country.