University of Wyoming Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


You might find the stereotypes for real here and there, though the cowboys are mostly posers. However, most kids are just your average joe college students; not really hicks or cowboys, just people from middle class families whose parents told them to go to college.


Well, it is a small town (I want to say about 20,000 people), but the only people who say there is nothing to do are those who depend on big city stuff such as malls, concerts, pro sports, and dance clubs. If you are a fan of outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, hunting, biking, etc. it may be the most fun place to be. As far as the drinking thing goes, a lot of students do in fact drink, but you have to go out of your way to do it. Almost half of downtown is bars, and they are the busiest businesses with lots of people every night, but the only parties I've ever seen happen there or in the homes of off campus students or in the Greek houses.


These are absolutely not true! I have met many very intelligent, wonderful people at the University, ones that I could not picture my life without them today! There are so many things to do whether you're an outdoors type of person and love skiiing, camping, and hiking or not!


No these stereotypes are not accurate.


No there are only a few cowboys it is just like almost every other campus in the nation! Of course there are people who like to party other than that it is a wonderful atmosphere with lots to do!


I feel there are the select few that make it into the news regarding drinking on campus. There are always people on campuses that drink and party every wakeing moment, but the majority of students that attend the University of Wyoming do not fit the stereotype.


The stereotypes aren't necessarily accurate. You do find a lot of small town agriculture kids, but you also get the people looking for a school that has an outdoor adventure side. The University does a great job making the natural beauty and outdoor activities accessible for students.


No Wyoming is actually one if not the only tolerate states in the U.S. Though this is not how the state has been featured. Take any U.S. and WY Government class here and you figure out that we actually are a pretty great state to live in. Though we do lack metropolitan factors or cities themselves. Little known fact, WY has no actual cities.


Oh Hell Yeah... For the most part. The university tries hard to have activities that are fun. The town of Laramie just has nothing other than the college going for it. As far as the people most aren't cowboys.


Very untrue! We do however have an excellent Ag. program here at UW.


No. We are very eclectic. We have people intersted in music, rock climbing, movies, writing, football. If your interested in it there is probably someone else here that is as well. And while there are parties its not UW is about.


I'm going to say that a lot of them are...but obviously there are always exceptions.


no not at all. we have everything that other states have. wyoming isnt in the dark ages still. and most people who live in wyoming are not farmers or ranchers or cowboys. there are a few however.


I have to say they are not accurate. There is a wide variety of students from different parts of the nation as well as the world that come here to get a higher eduacation at a school that is rated in the top 100 in the nation.


pretty much


Most are not true however there are a greater number of farm and ranch students here than most places.


Somewhat. We actaully are very diverse in our thinking however the people who are very set in their ways will never change.


Only to some degree. I have found that everyone is very friendly, but some Wyoming natives grip about new people moving into the state. Mostly it's in fun and not meant seriously, but people out here like the idea that Wyoming is "out there." That there are not very many people and not much to do is a stereotype based in reality, but propogated by the natives.


There are many students who choose to drink a lot, but there are many that choose to not drink at all. I would say that this stereotype is not entirely accurate. Also, many students at Wyoming are cowboys, but by no means is the entire campus hicks.