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Tell us about the food and dining options.

This is one of the worst things about the University of Wyoming. There is only one dining hall and it is terrible. The food at Washakie, besides from more often than not, unhealthy, is also very poorly prepared. They only have about 3 weeks worth of meal plans so you have the same food over and over and over. Other than the dining hall there are only a few other options. Pita Pit, which is good but gets old after a while. S'Pokes pizza, which might be the worst pizza I've ever tried and is overpriced. Panda Express, while good, is expensive ($7-8). Also be prepared to wait 20 minutes in line if you go during lunch time. Yes there are a few cafes around campus, but not really that many choices overall.

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Everything's a ripoff, which is why I buy my food at the grocery store.

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