University of Wyoming Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I find the worst thing about the University of Wyoming to be the mandatory dormatory residence. It is required for all first year students to live in the residence halls, which tacks on thousands to the cost of attendance. It is nice living in the halls as it gives one a great chance to meet a wide variety of people...but I would rather save my money for an off campus appartment.


The wind and cold weather in Laramie.


A lot of the scholarships that I have looked at are for people aho have children, or are math or engineer majors. I am going into social work, and I have no children. So, it is very hard for me to find financial aide. However, I need help. I make less than $20,000 a year, and I have bills to pay.


You dont see this very often but every once in a while, there is a black mark put against a particular RSO. Fraternities are not immune to this because of some of the things that we do and even when we try to help ot with the community, people still look down upon us. Only 3 percent of the population at the University of Wyoming is Greek. Roughly 10-20 Greeks are on the Associated Students for the University of Wyoming, whether it be serving as Senator, Vice President, President, etc.


All the alcohol and drugs around. And that smoking is allowed on campus. I wish it wasn't allowed on campus, and that drinking wasn't alloweed as well.


The worst thing about the University of Wyoming is the weather. When late fall hits you have to be ready for any type of weather that can happen. One day it can be warm and sunny, and the next day it could blizzard. Also make sure that you're ready to bundle up, a lot of the time the temperature can be down in the single digits to negative degrees.


The University of Wyoming campus is one of the most beautiful campus' I've been on. With large trees and green grass and buildings with different kinds of architechure appropriate for their academic departments, one cannot help but have pride in this school. As a visitor, however, I had the worst time parking! Even now as I attend UW, I don't drive. I know I will never find a parking spot and there are seldom paid parking spots available. There is a shuttle service to take students to and from campus, but its not as convenient.


You really want to be sure that the major you pick is one you can stay with because the small size of the school means that there are very few other majors to pursue in comparison to larger schools if you change your mind.


The worst thing about the University of Wyoming is the parking on campus. Expansion and construction have led to a shortage of parking and strict rules that must be enforced consequentially. Hopefully in the years to come, the university will be able to address this problem with an effective solution that would suit both campus and community residents.


The worst thing about my school is that it currently is working on a lot of different renovations, making things a little bit disorganized. There is construction all over campus for example, and the construction has taken up a lot of space including parking. Also, many departments don't have a permanent location so it can be difficult to find a proffesor or advisor. At least all of this is only temporary, and the University should be much better after all of this is done.


Being from the quintessential southern state of Texas, my only complaint about the University of Wyoming would have to be the very cold weather. Since this is a factor no one can control I have begun to balance the fierce winter with the gorgeous surrounding mountainous landscape and the opportunity to try out many snow sports.


I think the worst thing about the University of Wyoming is that it is located in a small town whose biggest store is the WalMart a couple miiles up the road.


The worst thing about the University of Wyoming is the weather; it's windy and snowy and cold from about October through April, somtimes longer.


The worst thing about my school is the location that it was constructed. Don't get me wrong, Laramie is a wonderful historic town but it's the location of the town. To put it in simple words IT'S ALWAYS WINDY! And if you'ver ever experienced a Wyoming winter it's anything but a mild winter. When the wind blows when it's alreay freezing you get wind chills. . . . . that means in the negative teens to 20s. Ahhh!


I do not like how much social life depends on drinking. I do not drink and I found myself sitting in my room all by myself so many friday nights out of the year. Also, I didn't like exactly how small Laramie was.


The worst thing about my school is probably the cold, windy weather throughout the winter months. November through April can be brutal. Campus parking is lack luster as well.


I believe the absolute worst thing about my school is the bitter cold winters! Other than that, my school is great!


The worst thing, in my mind, about my school is the lack of minority students. I feel as though we need more diversity at the University of Wyoming, in order to gain a better, unbiased understanding of humankind.


Cold winters


The location isn't the best place but the campus is nice. Also, there is not a lot of diversity here.


Politics in specific departments


The wind.


Tough Question. The worst thing about my school would probably have to be ... Honestly there is nothing that is unbearable at my school, right now the main factor that is the most annoying would probably have to be the construction that we are seeing all around campus, but I know that it is creating a brighter education for future students so it does not bother me as much.


Student advising - you must have a degere plan and stick to it because your advisor will let you do anything you'd like - even if it means you won't graduate for a decade


I think the worst thing about the University of Wyoming is that they don't focus enough on transwer students like they should. There aren't any orientations really like there are for freshman and it definitely would have been helpful when I transfered here.


The town it is in. It is too small and doesnt have enough diversity or activities, which is a reason why there are so many racist people here.


Too much drinking! Bar scene is emphasized too much!