University of Wyoming Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who love: a high education level, social groups centered around education, small class room size, small town atmosphere, and a love for the outdoors.


The majority of students at this university are from within the state of Wyoming. This school definitly fsvors these students by more scholarship opportunities. If I were coming from any highschool in Wyoming it is ideal to come to the University of Wyoming. Other than being from Wyoming I strongly believe that any kind of person can come to this school.


A financially responsible Wyoming native that wants a quality education at a great price. Someone that wants the college experience with smaller class sizes. It may be a small town but is a couple hours from Denver if you want a big city experience.


You should attend this school if you enjoy a sense of community and belonging. There is always some activity or group to participate in and you can build strong relationships with so many new people.


Someone who wants to feel safe all the time on campus and have the support of those around them.


People who love the outdoors and enjoy a college that is more hands on.


The kind of people I would like to see attending UW are people that have goals, and will strive to achieve them.


The people I would suggest to come to this school would be those that find themselves looking for a school that not only studies hard but has a reputation for being a "party school" as well. Those who can find the balance to study and party are those that would find this school very apealing.


This schoool is very welcoming to many different kinds of people. The people that I think should come here are the people that can see themselves in this environment. This is a very relaxed environment, so if prospective students are looking for life to slow down I would highly recommend this school. Otherwise, if you are looking for a more fast paced way of living, this university is probably not the place for you.


If you are looking for a strong background in engineering or agriculture, we have the best program in the west. This school also gives artistic students a chance to shine without being overshadowed by too many students. You must have a strong personal work ethic to succeed here, no one will push you along or baby you. This school is small enough to get the attention you need to shine, and big enough to have connections to place you in a good job when you graduate.


The University of Wyoming has an excellent pre-Law and pre-Med program, as well as good programs for agriculture and engineering degrees.


Any person that is looking to go to a University in a small town with small class sizes should attend the University of Wyoming. They should also be looking for professors who will get to know their students and help them with any questions they have about the class.


The obvious type of person that should attend this school is someone who appreciates knowledge and wants to learn, but more specifically one should only come to the University of Wyoming if they are not afraid of the cold. Another big trend I see is that if someone has a passion for the outdoors they will fit in perfectly here; rock climbing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding is a must.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who wants the big school experience, in a small town environment. In order to get the best experience from attending UW, the person should be one that likes to get involved both in the classroom, as well as outside the classroom. They should be willing to challenge themselves academically as well as socially. Oh and yes....they need to be able to adapt to very cold weather as it stays pretty cold for most of the school year.


This is a very conservative campus, people who are extremly liberal will not fit in here, however most other people do fit in here, its a great community where everyone seems to accept everyone else.


The students that attend the university are dedicated to their schooling. The students are firm believers in working hard even if they do party. They strive to get the passing grades so that they may graduate on time and be prepared for the career if his or her choice.


You must be very focused. There are a lot of opportunities to have fund, which means a much more difficult time studying. Also, you cannot be afraid to meet new people. It will happen here whether you like it or not. People are extremely friendly, and in no time you'll have a large social network. Be open to new experiences, and be sure of what you want to do.


Someone who loves nature and is not afraid of being away from the city.


Someone looking for a college experiance but doesnt want to attend a large college. Someone who wants to recieve an honest and reliable education while still enjoying life. This is a good school to come to if someone wants to develop independence but not feel like there is no one around to help them if they need it. Thats the one thing that I love about this school. The people are very nice and helpful and they want to see you succeed and do well and they will help with that.


The type of person who should attend the University of Wyoming is fun, social, academic, spirited, dedicated, honest, trustworthy, and in general an all around good individual.


Anyone should attend this college, it is ann opan friendly environment to study in. The different major content areas all have a very good representation within the Wyoming community. There is a very high graduation rate at the University of Wyoming. Not only s the shool a good place to be but the community all across Wyoming is very supportive of the UW students. Because UW is the only four year college in Wyoming it is a very popular school for Wyoming resdidents.


An outgoing person that really wants to learn and loves the outdoors.


A person with interest in core fields like Businsess or Engineering


Someone who is outdoorsy and likes to have a good time, but also is here for school.


A person that loves outdoors and doesn't mind the cold should attend this school. Someone who attends this school should also have a lot of school spirit and not mind smaller towns.


I believe any person should and could attend this school. It's a very interesting, challenging, fun, educational, and great college for any person who wants to see Wyoming and experience something that they haven't before.