University of Wyoming Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who just wants to party. They is plenty of party in Laramie, however you do need to take your classes seriously. Priorities.


This school focuses highly on engineering as well has agriculture. This isn't the best school to attend for fashion design.


I have loved my experience here at the University of Wyoming. I do not believe there is any type of person that should not come here.


Someone who loves the big city and hates the small town feel.


someone who is not well outfitted for the cold, we live in laramie and it gets very very cold!


People who do not like the outdoors should not go to school here. Laramie is not a very big city and does not have the amenaites that big cities such as Denver have. Rock climbing, hunting, skiing and snowboarding are only a few among the most popular outdoor actitivites to do in laramie. People who are accostumed to hanging out in big cities should not come here unless they desire to get out a metropolitan atmosphere.


People who like the cold and a good education.


This is an amazing school where the professors push the students to achieve excellence. However, the weather is a big deterant. The wind is always blowing the temperatures can be sub-zero. Personally, I'm not at all a fan of the weather, but I figure it's a great excuse to stay inside and do my homework! If you are the kind of person who doesn't like a challenge (academically, with respect to the weather, or otherwise), this is not the school for you. This is not your typical university; the students here work very hard to succeed.


The people who are lazy and who refuse to work hard for their education are the kinds of people who should draw caution when attending this school. This school prides itself in being a very hard working and safisticated school.


This school is for anyone except those who are not willing to work hard and those who do not have a high degree of integrity.


The kind of person that should not attend UW is one that wants to go to a big school in a big city. They should not attend if they are not wiling to get involved socially and just want to blend into the crowd. Also....if they are looking for school where the climate is always nice and warm, UW would not be the school for them.


I'm going to answer by saying that any kind of person should attend this University. It is a diverse and welcoming University that I enjoy. It's been a wonderful experience. If you're not oo sure if you're going to fit in at this place, trust you will. There are people from all around the world. IT's great to come here to find out who you are and meet some new people who just might be your next best friends you never know. And that's one of the beauties of this college.


Someone that needs to be in a big city or someone who cannot live in the cold.


This school would be beneficial for an active person who likes getting involved and loves the outdoors. The town surrounding UW is small with little entertainment, however, for anyone willing to try new things the opportunities are endless. There are a number recreational activities and the University offers many organizations that the students can sign up for. This schools is also a perfect choice for those wanting to get involved in extra curricular activities. The University of Wyoming not only offers football, soccer, and tennis, but also has an excellent orchestra, choir, and a well known theatre and dance program.


this college is not good those students that are lazy. the professors expect a lot out of the students. They will only take late work if there is a truely reasonable reason, i.e. note from a hospital.


This school is in a small town in the foothills of the Rockies, so if you are someone that spends all their time at the mall this is not the best choice for you. If you are more into the outdoors however, there is always something to entertain yourself with.


Most students at my school are conservative white/caucasion so there aren't as many other ethnic groups.


Someone attracted to the city life and loves night life more than hanging out with a few close friends.


Anyone and everyone should attend this college


People that like big citys or don't like snow and cold and wind.




Someone who is involved purely in themselves. If they don't care to be nice to others and think that they just walk on water, they won't be very accepted here. They'll get a nice reality check if they attend school here. Or if you can't stand the cold, don't come here because Winter time is freezing cold here and the winters usually last from late September through March and some of April.


People who don't like cold weather. The average temprature durring the winter season is around freezing.