University of Wyoming Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Wyoming know before they start?


Your whole life is in front of you! So live it up! Stop worrying about what other people think!! Your true friends are going to love your crazy weirdness and for who you truly are. If they dont you'll find out the hard way they dont really love you. Dont worry about boyfriends, when Mr. Right comes along you'll know it - Trust me! Love your friends and family and dont ever forget about them. Mom will always be your biggest supporter so when she pesters and nags you- just assume she is right and your wrong. Her first impressions of people are always spot on- even if it takes you years to figure it out yourself- trust her! Never once has she been wrong when it comes to your education...or dating. Give grandma a hug every single chance you get and please please remeber to tell her that you love her. Go on your trips your only going to be young once- volunteer in Africa spaying and nuetering dogs and cats and go with dad on his Alaskan fishing trip. Most of all- don't forget who you are, where you can from and love yourself.


Sticking with it.


Dear Mike, I know there's a lot of pressure about going to college, but don't let that make the decision for you. I strongly recommend that you get out into the real world and find out what you like and don't like before committing to a college degree. Getting a job is going to be the best way to really learn about yourself, meet new people, and become independent. The only way you're going to know that the piece of paper you paid so much time and money to earn was a not a waste money is by being sure that you got the right degree for you. Not only will have a better idea of what you really want to do with the rest of your life, but you'll have the background to help you make it through school with good grades. The decision is, of course, yours to make. Just keep in mind my advice that you take the time necessary to make the right decision for yourself.


If I were to talk to myself before entering the University I would tell myself to do what makes me happy and find my place in the world. As I have lived life since that point, I have made a great attempt to find my place in the world. Without a place in the world one is like a pen with no ink. I would say “your place in the world will define your calling and help you to be more.” Each person has a voice within themselves which speaks only to them; it addresses that calling, the longing for more. Not materialism, but the idea that one is destined for greatness and adventure. Greatness comes in the form of many ideas based on the individual. In this concept, you must put forth great effort in finding a place in the world consisting of greatness and adventure. By doing so you will find one idea that trumps everything else, self-care above all. Self-care involves giving the necessary attention to one’s self, both physically and mentally, to maintain a stable state of existence. If one is always looked after and needs are met, life becomes easier to live.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that perseverance is key. I would also tell my high school self that starting out at a community college is perfectly fine and would even result in a fantastic education and the enhancement of skills that aid in doing better at the four-year college level. I would tell myself to remember that one bad grade on an assignment is no reason to freak out, it just means you have to work a little harder or clarify the teachers expectations, but it is not the end of the world! Most of all I would make sure to tell myself that as long as you keep trying and strive to do your best, things will fall into place and those things that don't work out as expected can teach you so much.


Go undeclared for the first semester or two of college. Let's be honest here, you have no idea what you want to do. You're good at maths and you did a higher level chemistry class. You're good at it, but do you like it? You and I both know the answer. Afterall, I know exactly what you're thinking. Take some time to discover yourself and who you want to be. Also, there will a job opening at the GameStop across the street. You take that job, soldier. That is a cool job, homie. Seek out more scholarships - money is cool. Now, our essays are quite good, so do them. You like answering questions about yourself, so put it to good use. Tally-ho, my good man.


Rachel, I know you have worked your buns off for twelve years, trying to impress your parents and sisters with your grades. Little do you know, gorgeous, you are going to need so much more than an "A" in senior English to be ready for college. Leaving for college means that all of the comfort blankets you have grown up with--work and parents-- are going to be long gone. It is time to really blossom as a social butterfly and meet friends that can carry you through to a new chapter in life! It is incredibly easy to breeze through college with just yourself to keep you company, but it is not nearly enough to be happy. Times are lean in college (not a lot of Ramen to go around), so why not surround yourself with friends to cheer you on and make you feel more comfortable during what will be the most stressful move of a lifetime. So you get out there sunshine; make the friends you deserve.


I would have told my senior self to take nothing for granted. Friendships are going to change and you will actually miss your family. However, embrace the change and experience exciting and new things. Also, I would have told myself that it is okay to ask for help and go to counseling. Since I've started going my sophomore year I have been able to accomplish a lot more. Follow your heart even if people look down on your major, if it is what you love than let nothing stand in the way. I promise that you will figure out your life soon enough.


I would tell myself that the things that I was stressing out about in high school, just don't matter after graduation. I would tell myself that no one in college cares that you were a varsity dancer, or that you couldn't go to your sophomore homecoming because of your grades. College is so much more accepting than high school, so I would tell myself to just push through because it does get better!


I would tell myself to be less frightened abou the process, and to trust myself to do my best. I would tell myself to work harder, to try and get more out of every experience, and to not worry about what others think. I would want myself to be more confident in myself and my abilities, and to strive for excellence. Take every opportunity and don't look back!