University of Wyoming Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


If I take any classes at the community college I have to do a consortium agreement which is frustrating going back and forth from the colleges with paperwork.


The most frustrating thing about being a first year law student is not knowing what is expected of you. Although we have a general idea that there will be a lot of reading and writing, we have no idea how to read a case that was written in the 1800's or write a case brief about it. What's worse, we have no idea how to write an exam answer and there's no time to learn from our professors.


In my university, there is an online grading program which is mandatory for all classes to use. it often breaks down and will even sometimes lock students out making it impossible to comple assignments. It would be easier to keep classwork on paper where it can certainly get done!


I don't find anything frustrating about my school! I love it here!


The most fustrating thing about the University of Wyoming would be the lack of support from the academic advisor. As a student we are so focused on the basic enrollment into school we miss some of the little things. If the advisor would be a little more supportive they could point out the items missed.


The isolation and the indifference of some students and professors.


The cold weather.


The weather


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there aren't alot of Outreach offerings so I have to commute 100 miles round trip to go to school everyday for a total of 500 miles a week.


The most frustrating thing about our school is that the campuse is hard to find a parking place. I live off campus so I drive to school in the winter when the temperature is in the single digits. It would be very helpful if the University did something to make this better for commuting students.


The University of Wyoming doesn't get the credit it deserves. The athletic teams often go unnoticed on a national level because their records aren't as great as other teams, however there are so many talented student athletes that deserve to be recognized.


The application process and getting into the Nursing school.


I never felt like my professors or advisors had any time to really sit down and help. Everyone seemed to be too busy doing research with their graduate students that the undergraduate members seemed to be overlooked. The educational experience was well rounded, and I feel like I can compete in the current job market, but getting here was a bit frustrating.


The only issue I have had at the University of Wyoming is living in the outdate dorms. The dorms are generally dirty and are over priced.


The most frustrating thing is having a Grad Assistant teach a big lecture class and sometimes not being able to understand your insturctor, but that will happen anywhere where there is a lot of diversity.


You mean other than the constant wind? I think that the most frustrating thing about the University of Wyoming is that it can be a little difficult to find out some of the information you're looking for. For example if you call to ask a question about somthing on your student account you might get transfered a hundred times, but if you're patient you CAN find the information you seek.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Wyoming is the weather. It is really cold here almost all year round. It is very hard to walk to class in the negative degree temperatures especially when it takes ten minutes to walk to some of the classroom buildings. Also, some of the buildings are off campus so you have to drive to them which can be hard when three inches of snow were dropped the night before.


There is nothing frustrating about my school. There is nothing I would want to change.


the frshmen classes are often packed into a room that is to small


I think I've gotten the run around from Administrative staff a few too many times. The bookstore has screwed me over, financial aid has screwed me over, and most of the administrative office have not been very helpful.


How much time must be spent outside of a class for a zero credit class. I have to spend nearly an hour a day practicing for most of my music classes,when I only recieve one credit. This adds up to over 12 hours of school a day, if not more. Most music classes are one credit and they require more for all the work we put into them.


We never get snow days, so sometimes I have to walk to class in a blizzard.


The most frustrating about my school is the fact that I recieved a scholarship from my department and it was not awarded to me, instead it was just reduced from my other acedemic scholarship.


So many students that the classes are huge, and its hard to get into them, and Campus is closed until just before classes start.


I would have to say the most frustrtaing thing would be the weather it is very cold and windy.


Not really much about the school but the town itself. There is not alot to do just on like a lazy afternoon. Its either all in or not at all. I would like to see more activities that are more laid back and more places where kids can just hang out without having alot expected of them. Just a way to relax and unwind without having to do something full throttle.




The ice in the winter


The amount of homework that needs to be completed.