University of Wyoming Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that someone had told me that the opinions of people did not matter so much, because ultimately it does not affect who you are or what you have set out to do. Don't worry about the people who think they are better than you, because they have their own problems.


Upon entering this foreign land from a seemingly foreign place, it would have been beneficial to be more informed about the culture in this region of the country. Coming from a large city and culturally diverse place with a much different climate, it was difficult to acclimate. The people here seem to come from small towns with less people than my high school graduating class. Their knowledge of culture seems to be based on media or a small amount of real world knowledge. All of my experiences in life did not prepare me for the culture.


I wish I had known that it would be a bit of a shock compared to high school but that finding the right group of people to be friends with and persevering through really does lead to a wonderful experience and a better education.


I wish I had known more about the disability services, and also about the various tutoring options. It would have been helpful to look into both-- as well as the student career center.


Before coming to UW it is good to learn good time management, compared to high school you have a lot more free time in college. Although you will find yourself wanting to take advantage of this new extra free time it is important to remember to get all of your class work done. It is far easier, and better, to at least keep up if not stay a little ahead than it is to play catch up.


I wish I would have planned out with classes I need to take before registering, it was more difficult than I thought it would be.


I wish I would have known more about the weather in Laramie. It is extremely cold and windy during the winter season and I was not prepared as to how cold it can actually get. Of course, I was told that it gets cold but nothing anyone told me could prepare me for -25 degree weather.


That Greek life is huge.


I was pretty familiar with this University since I have lived in Wyoming for over 30 years.


I wish I would have known that the University charges you for as many little things as they can.


How much money the nursing program would actually cost and that financial aid doesn't take into account the costs of being enrolled in an accelerated BSN program.


I wish I would have known not to declare a major my first year, and not try to rush college. I graduated in 4 years, but engaged myself as little as necessary. Partly because of the attitudes of my instructors (not all of them), but also because Laramie wasn't really the kind of place I wanted to be. It's windy, allways.


That living on campus is not worth the price and that I should have found an apartment for my first year of college.


I wish I would've known a little bit more about the weather in Laramie. Coming up here from Texas, the crazy weather here was a huge shock to me. I would've also like to know about the Greek Life here on campus. It's really such a great thing to miss out on.


I was told to get involved early on; however, I never realized how important that really was to meet people, find friends, and determine your own interests. I wish I had known more ways to become active and meet more people.


I would have liked to know how much college cost and apply for alot more scholarships than I did. I would also would have liked to know that college is not as stressful and scary as all the movies and media make it seem, I would have been less afraid of leaving home for college. I wish I had known that I would love college and that it was absolutely nothing to be afraid of.


I think I would have liked to have known about the USP 2003 standards that we have to meet. I would have been about to take care of a lot more of these general items in high school if I had known about them and I would have known what to expect from the first couple of semesters of school.


The one thing I wish I had know before coming to the University of Wyoming is how to stay organized, and how important it would be for my school work. Staying organized for my college classes has so far been my greatest challenge, and I wold have liked to have been more prepared for it my first semester.


I wish I had considered the climate in Wyoming before choosing to attend the University of Wyoming. While selecting a college, I principally paid attention to strong academic programs in my area of study, the cost of attendance, and scholarship opportunities. I did not take into account that Laramie, Wyoming, is located at 7,000 feet above sea level and is very cold and dry. Although the climate should not be the deciding factor in choosing a college, it is certainly something that should be considered when deciding whether or not to enroll at a certain college.


A little more exactly of what was required to graduate with the degree desired. More knowledge of the path to attain individual degrees in terms of types of courses and work load.


I wish I would have had a better understanding of the cost to attend a four year college. I also had a limited idea of how hard it is to major in music at a four year college.


I wish I knew how different this would be compared to my past community college. In addition, I wish I had known how little most teachers care about their students as individuals. This was a huge shocker for me.




The career center at the University of Wyoming is useless. They will not help the students, but will only give them a brochure that gives no information.


Nothing really suprised me when I came to this school.




I wish I had been more reassured that I was making the right choice. I was very hesitant to go to the University of Wyoming because of my lack of knowledge about the school. I also thought that the weather would be alot worse than what it is and I also thought that bad weather would be much more frequent. Short blizzards in the winter time are bearable because they melt away fast. I also wish I had known that the school was really close to great cites like Ft. Collins, Boulder, and Denver and not just in the middleofnowhere.


I wish i would have know that drinking was such a priority over almost everything else. People care about little else.